Monday, July 26, 2010

School's out for summer: Where's Classroom Canada?

Schools in London, England closed their doors last Friday and now our teachers and teaching assistants have 6 full weeks to enjoy traveling around Europe, visiting families "back home" in Canada and the USA, and all 'round relaxing & sleeping in.  No marking! No planning! No more school for six full weeks.  Lucky us!

So far, I've enjoyed traveling to Seattle to interview teachers, visiting with a teacher-friend from Vienna in Alaska and now I'm in a cottage near Buchette, Quebec.  I am working from here, although I must admit, jumping in the lake takes priority over answering emails these days.  I'm living the Canadian dream, eh?

Next week I'm off to Ottawa, Toronto and finally NYC.  While in Toronto I will be holding a social for our teachers on August 11th which you can see here.  Please RSVP if you wish to join us.  All are welcome to join us!  Our teachers from the past, present & future will come & discuss teaching in London, teaching in the Toronto area, and what it's like to work with us.  It's a great chance to get to know some amazing teachers (and me of course!)

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PS) I'll be mailing out the prizes for the Classroom Canada 3rd birthday winners after August 18th.  If you won something please send me your address before then so I can get your prize to you.  Thanks!

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