Monday, June 7, 2010

Twitter, Teaching, Traveling and Being Me

Since it was a holiday in the UK last week, I decided to take a last minute vacation to Austin, Texas.  Why?  Because I love the television show, Friday Night Lights, all about a Texas high school football team & family & I just had to check out the city it's located in.  I love it!  Plus, it's been raining & 13 degrees here on the West Coast of Canada and ridiculously hot in Austin. It was the perfect holiday.

I'm back, swamped and going through all my emails of excited & interesting teachers who want to teach in London, England.  It's amazing! So many great people to meet and interview for teaching jobs in London.  Love my life & my job!

I've also decided to start using Twitter a bit better.  See, I was one of the first twitter bandwagon hoppers & set up a ClassroomCanada twitter account, but I was a bit too eager to make it easy. I set up auto-follow and followed people based on their interests (teaching, education, traveling) and now I have almost 2000 followers, most of whom are simply spammers.  I loathe going onto twitter & seeing all this junk, while trying to wade through and actually find interesting teachers that I do want to speak with.

So, I've set up a brand spanking new twitter account with my own name which you can find here.  Please follow me! But if you spam me, I promise to "unfollow" ;-)

I will tweet my interests, which usually revolve around teaching in London, the UK, Canada and America, but also include travel, great television & movies, food and anything else that strikes my fancy.  Can't wait to see you over there.

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  1. Interesting comment about how it worked in the beginning! I just set up my account last week. I'm not sure what the point is yet lol! But anyway, I'm going to follow you now :)


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