Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Best Teachers Are Students & Life Long Learners - Part Deux

A little while ago I told you what I'm learning & doing in my free time and talked about why the best teachers are also lifelong students, passionate about their own learning as well as their students.

So I thought I'd give you a little update on my progress.

I said I was learning: how to drive, how to speak Spanish & Italian, how to cook & how to kite surf.

Here we go.  My status report to keep me honest:

AWESOME. I have my road test tomorrow and once I pass that I will be able to drive all by myself in my brand spanking new car.  The back of my car was scratched the other day by an old person who didn't look before they started backing up, but I survived and really it was just a scratch.  It's just the way it goes in Victoria, BC - the land of the retired folks, many of whom shouldn't be driving anymore.  Risks are everywhere!  But I love driving and can't wait for my first road trip in a few weeks to Tofino, BC.  Awesome.

How to Speak Spanish:
I hired a Spanish teacher for a month and we did two 2 hour sessions every week, which was incredibly helpful for my review & practice. My Spanish is pretty good, but this teacher helped me advance quite a bit in a short time frame. I had planned to carry on for another month, but I just can't spare 4 hours a week right now in our busy season.  I hope to practice on my own, but...well, I need more Spanish friends in Victoria.  If you know any cool Spanish-speaking folks in this neck of the woods, please do send them my way!

How to Speak Italian:
That was just silly. I'm not learning Italian and I doubt I will anytime soon.  I was a bit over-ambitious when I said that one.

How to Cook:
Well, I've discovered a few fabulous restaurants in Victoria with patios and half price wine on Tuesdays.  So, no.  In all honesty I don't think I've actually cooked anything since I wrote that goal.  Woops. Better get on that.

How to Kitesurf:
I do still plan to learn how to kitesurf at some point this summer.  My excuse for why I haven't yet is that temperatures in Victoria have not reached above 20 yet this season.  Seriously.  It's 13 degrees daily, sometimes we get highs of 17 degrees.  I'm seriously thinking about moving to the Southern USA because I need some heat and I need it now.  'Nuff said.  I will kitesurf my friends. I will.

How about you?  What are you learning now & how's it going?  Please share your thoughts below.

I'm still interviewing teachers for positions in London, England that start in Sept/October of 2010.  Submit your CV asap as I'm already booked up for all of next week and July is jam-packed with travel & interviewing across Canada and the USA.

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