Wednesday, June 30, 2010

10 Differences Between Teaching in Canada & Teaching in England


Sarah Ebner, of Times School Gate fame asked me ages ago to write a blog piece about the differences between teaching in Canada and teaching in England.  I am excited to announce that she will be publishing the piece on her blog tomorrow to celebrate our very own Canada Day.  Brilliant!

So, whatever you do tomorrow, and wherever you are in the world, please check out Sarah's blog & let us know what you think.  It was a collaborative effort, with opinions from our teachers in London & I'm sure you will have something to add to the discussion.

One tiny little though - the Times Online has opted for a "you must register before you can read our paper online" approach (why Times? Why?  Such a shame! At least make the blogs available to all to read without registering, no?).  So, you'll need to get over to Sarah's blog by first registering.  Then on Canada Day, come check out my post.  Please do leave comments & let us know what your thoughts are.  I'm so excited!

Resources for Teaching in London

Classroom Canada website
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Canadians & Americans in the UK blog

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