Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tackling Homophobia in Secondary Schools: Get Your Gleek On

I'm a Gleek.  I'll admit it.  And here's why.

I can't watch the above video without simultaneously having shivers run down my arms, tears down my cheeks and a huge, proud smile on my face.  THIS is what teaching is all about.  The really tough moments.  The moments when kids need us as adults to help them stand up for what is right & wrong.  Discrimination is discrimination my friends, whether it's homophobia or racism or sexism or ...   name your ism.

I love the writers of Glee and every single person that has helped make this scene reach mainstream television.  Thank you. 

Watch the video before it gets taken down.  Or find Glee's episode from last night for this scene alone, even if you don't care for teenagers singing and dancing (and I'm sorry, but what?  How can anyone not love singing and dancing teenagers?!).

That's my  two pence anyway. 

Now, back to writing a blog post for Sarah Ebner over at SchoolGate. I'm petrified and overwhelmed.  And completely scared to answer her question "What are the differences between teaching in England and Canada?"  It should be an easy one for me to answer, but somehow knowing that thousands of people read her blog leaves me staring at a blank screen for the past 2 months.  Sorry Sarah - I promise I'll get it done soon!  Is this blogger stage fright?  Anyone have any ideas on how to start?  Please do share below.

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