Monday, May 17, 2010

Seth Godin on standing out | Video on

Seth Godin on standing out Video on

I'm off to Vancouver to meet with our former teachers & to conduct a few interviews with teachers who are hoping to work with Classroom Canada in London, England. But before I go, I thought I'd leave you with a TED video with Seth Godin, the marketing God that I follow for my own work with marketing and teaching in the UK. Love him. Love his work. He changed everything I do with recruiting teachers for the UK (and really, he's the reason I stopped advertising and instead look to our teachers to tell it like it really is - see the interviews with our teachers on the right hand side of this page to see what I'm talking about). Thanks Seth!

I hope you enjoy it as well.

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  1. I follow Seth Godin's blog but haven't read any of his books. But after this high recommendation I think I will. I'm always on the lookout for top marketing ideas.


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