Monday, May 10, 2010

The Cross-Canada Road Trip & Teacher Interviews for Jobs in London, England

I've purchased my first car and will be taking my road test in about a month so I can actually drive it on my own.  How excited am I?  Well, I'm planning the biggest road trip of my life!

Since I recruit teachers to work in London, England with Classroom Canada I've decided to combine conducting interviews with teachers in America & Canada as I travel across the country to eventually land in Niagara-on-the-lake, Ontario.

Here's the plan as it stands so far:

American Teacher Recruitment for Jobs in London, England:
Interviews in person with teachers who have:
a) EU passports or
b) eligibility to apply for the Highly Skilled Migrant Visa.  For more information about visas and work permits to teach in England, please see this site.

Dates & Locations Planned so far:
July 1st-July 3rd, Seattle, Washington
August (date TBD), Chicago Illinois
August (date TBD), NYC, New York

Canadian Teacher Recruitment for Jobs in London, England
Interviews in person with teachers who have:
a) UK Ancestry visa eligibility
b) Youth Mobility Visa eligibility
c) EU passports
d) Highly Skilled Migrant Visa eligibility
For all of these visas, please see

Jobs will start in September/October 2010, and January/February 2011.

Dates/Locations Planned so far:
July 21-22nd, Vancouver BC
July 23rd Whistler
July 23-29th, at locations across Canada, depending on how organized I can be before I depart.  If you want me to visit your city, please let me know by applying right away &/or leaving a comment here.
Most likely: Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal.

I'll be spending 6 weeks spread out between Ottawa, Toronto, Niagara on the Lake, Montreal and Chicago, which means that I will be conducting interviews in person wherever and whenever possible.

If you don't live in any of the above areas, or want to get organized for teaching in London before the summer, then please apply by sending me your CV to apply at classroomcanada dot com. I interview regularly with skype and on the phone so please don't wait for an in-person interview to apply.

I will also be planning socials for our teachers in the major city centres, as we have plenty of teachers who are now back from London as well as teachers about to depart. It's always fun to meet everyone in person.  If you know of a British-themed pub in your city that would fit the Classroom Canada theme, please let me know.

Do you recommend any audio books that I should listen to as I drive my way across the country?  What would make your play list?  I think I'm most excited to listen to music & books as I drive! What would you listen to?

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