Thursday, April 22, 2010

Where I try to Bribe Teachers Into Busing, Training, Boating & Swimming to London to "Get Thee to Work!"

Wow.  It's officially nuts for my colleagues, our teachers and teaching assistants, our schools and our students in London.

In case you live under a rock, and haven't heard yet, a volcano erupted in Iceland during the school holidays for our teachers in London.  They had 2 weeks off.  So they went off to Bali, Malaysia, Morocco, Egypt, across Canada, Paris, Berlin, Vienna, Greece...and I'm sure I'm missing quite a few more places but you get the idea.  They had all planned to be back in time for this past Monday, when schools re-opened.  They planned to save enough money teaching over 2 weeks to pay for rent, food, more travels etc.  But most of them are still stuck abroad.

So, some of our brave teachers have been taking buses, boats, trains & renting cars to get back to London.  I heard a rumour that 2 of our teachers hitch-hiked all the way from Morocco, but I suspect some train travel was involved there.  In any case, I have now tried to bribe our teachers to just do whatever it takes to get back to London & get back to teaching in our schools.  Some schools have had to close, but most are managing with fewer teachers, but it ain't pretty. 

Here's what I wrote on my facebook page last night & here are our teachers' replies:

Victoria Westcott: For every person that manages to get home by car, bus, boat or train I will personally a) buy you a bottle of fabulous wine or b) write a long blog post proclaiming my undying & unconditional love for you.

B: Does it count if we try really hard to take the train but we can't get a seat?

K:  does it count if the only way out of egypt right now is to wait for a flight to the uk or spain and then boat. Egyptians aren't fans of alcohol in general so i can't indulge here, does that get me a bottle of wine?

Victoria Westcott: Yes and Yes. ;-)

A: Looking forward to it! ;)


R: I'll take an italian red...a nice vintage would great

T: I would like an order of the blog post.

J: white wine, please :)

S: Just got back! Over 30 hours from Madrid using boat, buses and trains! Nice to be home!

E: What about planes? I'm back in London after a 7 day stopover in Toronto - I want fabulous wine!

Looks like I have some wine purchasing to do, and of course, I will have to write a blog post declaring my undying & unconditional love for at least one person.  In fact, Jessica didn't respond, and neither did Sheena, but both are having their birthdays today stuck in airports abroad.  For Jessica, she has spent 7 days in the Kuala Lumpur airport, desperate to return "home" to London. I imagine Sheena is enjoying this time as she's on a beach in Bali, but I also know she'd rather be celebrating her birthday in London with her London family & friends.  Sorry girls - I wish there was something I could do!  Happy birthdays anyway!


  1. Some schools have had to close... really?! Yikes.

  2. Hi Bryn,
    I gather that some schools have had to close due to ratios of teachers-students. What a crazy week!
    Thanks for trying so hard to get back to London. Can't wait to hear more about your travels & adventures.


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