Monday, April 19, 2010

Planes, Trains, Buses & Naval Ships - Our Teachers Try to Return to London

75% of our teachers are stranded across the globe, desperate to make it back to London to return to their full-time contracts, as well as daily supply teaching jobs.  The last time anything like this happened in the UK was September 7, 2007 when the bus bombs stopped the city in its tracks.  The city of London got back on track within a day or two, but the Icelandic ash has affected travel for 5 days so far. 

So what does this mean for Classroom Canada?  Well, I asked our teachers & teaching assistants to let me know where they are and when they expect to return through our facebook page: 

Victoria Westcott: Please let me know here what country you're stuck in and when you're expected to fly back to London now - just list them all here. Thanks & good luck!

B: I think you already know, but here it is again... I'm stuck in India. Flying to Madrid on Friday and trying to catch a train home from there. Aiming to be back at school next Monday.

E: In southern Ontario, scheduled to fly out Tuesday night. Whether or not that happens remains to be seen.

H: At home (Palmerston, Ontario) and scheduled to fly out on the first available flight - April 28th.

J: At home in Acton, Ontario and also scheduled on the first available flight- April 27th.

S: Ubud, Bali. 23rd of April.

G: Athens, Greece. Scheduled for Friday 23rd.

T: Valencia, Spain. Leaving Sat Apr 24

A: Athens, Greece. Original flight was the 16th, new flight was today, newest flight is April 28th. I am spending more time in Athens this month than in London. Does Classroom have any schools in the Athens area?

C: Lots of us came home I see:) Creemore Ontario---April 25th....

S: Toronto, Ontario scheduled to fly home Thursday April 22nd

S:  Madrid. My latest rebooking is for Sunday so far...but I am off to the airport as soon as it opens. I am also trying to get on any train to the port but at the moment it is impossible. Things can change over night. I am waiting for the British Naval Ship that may be sent..and all those sailors lol.

K:  Hi Victoria can you let my school know that I am stuck in egypt? I have a new flight booked for the 26th so hopefully I will be back at work next tuesday. Thanks
I only posted this question on facebook last night and already 13 people have signed on & let me know their wherabouts & scheduled return dates, but I know many, many more are out there & stuck, without facebook at their fingertips to reply to my query.  We have a few teachers in Canada scheduled to fly out to start their teaching careers and they are anxiously checking their flight statuses to see if they will actually fly out this week.
If you're affected by this volcano in Iceland, please let us know here by leaving your comments below.
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  1. Victoria,

    Wow interesting to see how this volcano has affected travel and thus industry, even education, in so many unexpected ways.

    P.S. I'm not stuck anywhere



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