Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Jobs for Teachers Who Want to Teach in London, England

It's that time of year again.  Teachers without jobs in Canada & the USA are seeking out alternative options and looking overseas for teaching jobs.  With spring comes the spring panic.

Luckily, now that we don't advertise & we don't attend university fairs, most of our applicants know why they specifically want to work in London, and particularly with Classroom Canada & Classroom America so we don't get as many frantic applicants applying to anything & everything with no clue as to what they are signing up for.  I have to admit -  I am so grateful that the days of answering emails from hundreds of frantic teachers who have yet to do their research are over. 

Now, we get teachers who know that teaching in London with Classroom Canada is for them.  They hear about us from their friends, or read this blog and my ebook.  This makes for better interviews & more interesting conversations.

So, what are we looking for you ask?

Teachers & Teaching Assistants that have:

  • a passion for education in all its forms
  • a love of travel & adventure
  • a "can-do" attitude
  • a love for teaching students from around the world
  • some inner city school teaching experience is preferred, but not essential
  • an ability to do research online, to ask those important questions & find out for themselves what teaching in London is all about
  • a love for the city that is London (let's be honest here - if you love rural areas, and hate big cities, then teaching in London probably won't be your best bet)
  • ability to make new friends easily & often
  • a fabulous sense of humour
You also must have an Education degree (PDPP, B.Ed, M.Ed...), a right to work in the UK (see for the visa requirements), and excellent references.

The jobs are:
  • part time & full time teaching contracts
  • Primary, Secondary & SEN teaching
  • Teaching Assistants
  • within Central London, zones 1-3 for the most part, with a few schools in zones 4-6
Most of our teachers start in daily supply teaching (on average, our teachers work 3-5 days/week throughout the school  year) and within 2-3 months secure full time contracts.  Just read the Coffee Time interviews at the right hand side of this blog to see what our teachers do.

The accommodations are:
  • at Oxford Circus, in zone 1, a 10 minute walk from our office
  • filled with other Canadian & American teachers 
  • also for police officers, social workers, nurses, doctors and students
  • 6 month leases with month-to-month after the initial 6 months
  • super fun for creating life-long friendships & a sense of community with our teachers

Interested? Want to know more?  Please send me an email with your cover letter and resume to apply at classroomcanada dot com.

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