Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The jitters hit a month before a teacher's departure to London...

In helping teachers relocate to work in London, England, I always find that they start to get the jitters about one month before they depart.  It's that month where they realize that they've done everything they can to make their transition smoother and they worry that there must be more to be panicked about.  Have they really done everything they can?  Let me explain...

About 6 months before they want to go to London, teachers apply to Classroom Canada in the hopes that we will select them to teach with our schools and join our Canadian (and now American!) community.  They are interviewed and reference checked and if selected, they receive an email with a tonne of details to prepare. I go through each step that they have to get done before they depart, including: how to set up accommodations, the bank accounts, visas, police checks and network with our teachers in London or about to depart.

Some of these steps take time, like the visas and bank accounts, and some are just a matter of filling out simple paperwork, like the police checks.  All of them are manageable, and the quicker they get them done, the smoother their transitions will be. 

But once the steps are done, they really are done.  Nothing more to do, but research teaching in London (Hey! Have you seen this blog? ;-)), re-read my ebook, Guide to Teaching in London: A Survival Guide for Canadians, read blogs by teachers in London, chat with the other teachers in Classroom Canada, watch movies set in London, read travel guides and  hang out with their families & friends.  Packing doesn't really happen until the last week before departure, although some will try to get it done earlier.  They also read my second blog, about living in London for Canadians & Americans.

The main advice I give to my teachers and teaching assistants about to move to London is to relax, watch Teachers TV videos and enjoy this time.  Once you have all of the steps taken care of, it's really time to enjoy your home town and just feel the excitement and sense of adventure you have before the big move across the pond.  Perhaps some of our readers will offer more advice?  Please share your thoughts below.

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