Monday, April 12, 2010

Is Anyone Speed Stacking in Canada? 4500 Schools in the UK Do It

Last year I wrote about Speed Stacking & its popularity in London schools. Today, the Guardian Newspaper has a story about the popularity in UK schools and call speed stacking "the sport for the unsporty."

It makes me wonder.  Are any schools in Canada using Speed Stacking with their students?  It motivates, improves eye-hand coordination, is accessible to any student with 2 hands, and it's really fun for students & their teachers.  

I interview hundreds of teachers in Canada, and now the USA with Classroom America, and I've never once heard a teacher tell me about Speed Stacking in their schools.  Most of our candidates for teaching in London  tell me about their involvement in extracurricular activities that are fairly typical - soccer, basketball, baseball, floor hockey, rugby, football, track & field.  And then there are the artsy teachers who get involved in drama, theatre, dance and visual arts.  I love them all, but where are the speed stackers?  

If you're out there, please apply to teach in London, England.  I find you fascinating.

Oh, and the teachers who parkour.  I know you're out there.  

Within Classroom Canada, we already have a swing dance teacher, a body builder, a hiphop belly dancer, rugby queens, football fanatics (as in soccer, and in particular Man U), hard-core bloggers, future journalists, and of course, all of the traveling teachers who want to experience teaching abroad while traveling Europe & Africa.   I love diversity!  It sure makes for interesting interviews & discussions.

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