Friday, April 16, 2010

A First For Everything: Iceland Volcano Disrupts Travel & Leaves Classroom Canada Teachers Stranded Across the Globe

Facebook is buzzing this morning, with Classroom Canada teachers posting where they are stranded in the world.  A volcano in Iceland erupted and flights throughout Europe are cancelled due to the volcanic ash fogging up the airspace.

Since our schools take 2 weeks off for Easter, most of our teachers travel around Europe and some wander as far away as Africa & Asia.  So where are our teachers stranded?

Here are a few of their status updates this morning:
J: stuck in Greece because of volcanic ash cloud...
E: is still stuck in Toronto and may be for the foreseeable future, but it could be worse. This is not helping my mentality of "I just want to stay in Canada".  (She's been in London 2 years now...)
K: So we are in Madrid and may not have a flight home anymore.....
N: Stuck in Toronto? Darn volcanic ash!!!!
T: stranded in Athens, possibly until next Friday...
P: is stuck in Bratislava.
M: is definitely stuck in Germany indefinitely. Thanks Iceland.
J2: Stuck in Greece because of a volcano in Iceland?????
S: is stranded in Bali!
B: Flight's cancelled! (India)
J3: is stranded in Malaysia due to volcanic activity...

Isn't that wild?  

School starts back again on Monday, and I imagine that most of them will make it to London in time, so their holidays have just been extended a bit longer than expected.  That's the silver lining.  Some are stuck at the airports though, which really isn't much fun depending on where they are, and how positive they're feeling!  I know quite  a few of these airports, and must say that the person stuck in Bratislava wins the "Oh Poor You!" award from me.  Everyone else?  Well, you're in warm, wonderful places so I hope you can enjoy this extension to your holiday.

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