Monday, April 26, 2010

The Best Teachers Are Students & Life Long Learners

It's been said before and I'll say it again.  The best teachers love learning.  They absolutely love learning new things, whether they be languages, weight lifting, riding motorbikes, running marathons, how to make millions on ebay - whatever they learn, they love.  Our American & Canadian teachers in London are no exception.  They're traveling the world, learning different teaching strategies while enjoying their weekends and breaks across Europe, Africa & Asia - and they are better teachers for it.

So, what am I learning you ask?

Right now, I am learning:
  • How to drive.  Watch out world! This 33 year old eco-chick is finally learning how to drive & just bought my very first car - an SUV!  What?  It's extremely fuel efficient, and after a car accident where my father had to pick my sister & I up on an old country road in Quebec in his big-*&&% SUV, I just feel safer in an SUV. I know it's illogical. I know they roll. I don't care - I love it! I'm a few weeks away from my N test when I'll be able to drive without an experienced driver-passenger and I can't tell you how excited I am.  ROAD TRIPS!
  • How to speak Spanish.  I did a lot of volunteering & traveling in Central America & studied Spanish in university, so my Spanish is pretty good but I know I have heaps to learn. I'm getting back on the Spanish-track & will be seeking a Spanish tutor here in Victoria for me to practice my vocab and conversation skills with.  Any recommendations? Please send them my way! Thanks.
  • How to speak Italian.  Those of you who have read Eat, Pray, Love will understand this one.  I figure I should just learn Italian for the pure love of learning to speak Italian.  Why not?  Also looking for an Italian tutor in Victoria, or even abroad who can email back & forth with me.  Any suggestions?
  • How to cook.  Sad, but true.  I can cook some basics, but wouldn't it be cool to be a master chef in some sort of cuisine?  Again, suggestions please! 
  • How to kite surf. This is a dream of mine and I admit - probably the least likely to be accomplished in this little list. Which means I should put it at the top of the list right?
What about you?  What are you learning?

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  1. Good for you and you'll be able to enjoy all of your very exciting new skills for a lifetime!

    I'm learning to run. It was one of those skills that didn't come naturally (or gracefully) to me after walking, so I am learning proper form and all about mechanics.

  2. Excellent Sabine! I did the Couch to 5km program last year, and quite a few of our teachers learned that way as well. I highly recommend it! It's free (just google it if you don't know it yet) and the podcasts are great for listening to music while you run.

    I managed to complete an 8km last year for the first time (because why start with 5km when you can do 8 right?) but did cause some pain afterwards. Woops! Anyway, I love it & will continue to run for life! So fun!

  3. Congrats!!!

    I couldn't agree more about learning something new.

    Last summer, I took a motorcycle riding class. Completely different, and much less safe, than driving a car. However, I loved the class and am enjoying riding!

    Keep up the learning!

  4. jamie oliver is the best teacher if you want to learn to cook! i recommend downloading some "Jamie at Home" episodes. he cooks in a very casual way, he doesnt bother measuring anything, it's all about flexible guidelines and doing it to taste. and i think italian cooking is the easiest thing to start with because you can fix pretty much any mistake. i loooove cooking, it's my favorite thing to do (besides eating hahaha) but i find baking harder because you have to actually follow the directions.

  5. I want to work on my Spanish too! Now that I've been to Spain twice in the span of 4 months, it's time to push myself to learn more of the language.

    I was also having a lot of fun learning Hindi, and I think I'm going to keep working on that too.

  6. Thanks for the couch to 5k tip. I will check it out!

  7. I am learning to bicycle around London. I'm commuting to work via bike (about 30 mins) and hope to actually use it as my main transportation soon. It is crazy, especially with the different traffic signals and directions, but I find I come to work energetic and especially look forward to my rides home in the sunshine! I'm also learning how to kayak on my Saturday mornings!

  8. Love all these comments! Look at this amazing group of people - motorbikes, kayakers, runners, cooks, cyclists, Hindi & Spanish speakers - wow.

    Ann, how are you learning how to kayak? I'd love to know more about that to pass along to others moving to London.

    And Amie, yes - love Jamie Oliver! Have his cookbooks, just need to use them. ;-) Any recipes you recommend in particular?


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