Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Vancouver 2010 is over, so now what? London 2012 of course!

Here's an email I received from Alex, one of our fabulous Canadian teachers working in London:

"I just wanted to pass these along while I was thinking about it. I went to watch the game with Heather, Jamie, Jessica and Karin. We went to the Sports Cafe near Picadilly circus after discovering that the Maple Leaf had a line a mile long! All of the Canuks who were turned away from the ML went to the Sports Cafe and at 8pm they closed the doors and announced the bar "official Canadian territory." I have to say that being in that bar and watching that game with all of those Canadians made me feel a sense of patriotism that I've never experienced before - it was amazing! Attached are the photos to prove it.
Also, I voted for you! ;)
Hope you're well,
 I love this story!   It's so classic "Canadians in London" - the Maple Leaf is packed, so they head down the street and find an even better venue & have an incredible time, away from "home" and feel more Canadian than ever before.  Brilliant.  

Alex is referring to a contest I entered for Classroom Canada's use of social media & recruiting practices.  Please vote & show your support!  This is my version of a gold medal for Classroom Canada and we need all your votes to make it happen. Thanks!

Here are Alex's pictures:

Thanks for thinking of us & sending in these pictures Alex.  

Now, we're just gearing up for London 2012.  Of course, Classroom Canada teachers are pretty excited about being in London for 2012.  Many of our teachers who are currently there will return home before then, but they've made enough friends to know that they have couches to crash on for when they come for a visit.  Lucky ducks.

Teachers that I accept now for teaching in London in September 2010 will have a chance to stay in London until the summer olympics of 2012.  How's that for thinking ahead?

Quite a few Classroom Canada teachers & teaching assistants have already signed up to volunteer at the Olympics in London, including me.  I would absolutely love to take a full 2 weeks to just help out wherever they need me.  What a dream!

For those teachers & teaching assistants that are considering teaching in London, now is the time to apply.  Just send me your CV and cover letter as soon as possible as interviews are being booked well in advance.  Good luck!

Resources About Teaching in London, England:
Classroom Canada website
Guide to Teaching in London: A Survival Guide for Canadians
Canadians & Americans in the UK blog

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