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Teaching Job Interviews & Another Coffee Time With a Teacher from Toronto

Classroom Canada is now accepting applications from teachers and teaching assistants for positions that start in Sept/Oct 2010.  To apply, submit your CV and cover letter to apply AT classroomcanada DOT com.
We are currently booking interviews across Canada & America for these positions:
  • Primary Teachers (K-6)
  • Secondary Teachers (all subjects, and particularly for science, math, computers, phys ed and humanities)
  • Special Educational Needs (Mild Learning Disabilities, Severe Learning Disabilities & Emotional & Behavioural Difficulties)
  • Teaching Assistants (K-12 and SEN)
To help you decide, here's another Coffee Time interview with one of our fabulous teachers currently in London with Classroom Canada.
Grab a coffee, sit back and enjoy!

Coffee Time with Trumaine
Name: Trumaine Jackson                                               
University: York University
Subjects: Literacy, Numeracy, PE and ICT (Computers)
Ages You Teach: Secondary

How long have you been teaching in London?
4 months, November 2009 - Present

What do you teach?   
I teach students in Key Stage 3/4 (aka "Secondary") on a 1 to 1 basis - Key Skills, Physical Education, ICT.  I work in a P.R.U. which means a pupil referral unit for students with emotional and behavioural difficulties who have been excluded from mainstream schools.

Why did you choose to work with Classroom Canada?
Classroom had a straight forward process and offered assistance in getting me ready to make the move to the U.K.  Victoria was always just a phone call away if I had any questions about the move, visa applications, citizenship, etc.

What was the biggest adjustment for you to make in your teaching in London compared to Canada?
There really wasn't a big adjustment coming here to the U.K.  The students are the same as they would be in Canada.  The only thing I had to really adjust to, was the language and terminology.  My students constantly make fun of me because I say "math" instead of "maths", and "period" instead of "full stop."

Describe a typical London day in 3-4 sentences.
I wake up at 6.00am, don't actually get out of bed till about 6.30, jump into the shower, get dressed, get something to eat and then head out to start my morning commute.  I usually arrive at school about 8.30am and do some last minute preparation before my student comes in at 9.30 (10.30 on Mondays).  I have one student in the morning and another in the afternoon.  During the day we try to get as much work as possible done, but it gets mixed in with jokes and discussions about life, sports, and anything under the sun.  School finishes for the students at 2.45 and for me about 3.30-4pm.

What is the one piece of advice you can offer a Canadian teacher considering the move to London?
Teaching in London will prepare you to teach anywhere in the WORLD!  One of my students said to me the other day "When you go back to Canada you'll be able to get any job you want."  I asked him why he thought that, and he replied "If you can hack it with us, then you can teach anywhere."

Describe the funniest thing that's happened to you in your year so far:
The funniest thing that has happened to me this year would have to be the time when a group of students and myself were playing football (aka soccer) and one of them accidentally kicked me in my foot.  My foot was quite swollen and one of the students (who wants to be a paramedic) quickly pulled out his first aid kit (from out of thin air) and bandaged my foot.  The head teacher insisted I go to the hospital and thought it would be a good idea if that student came along so he could get some first hand experience on what it would be like to be a paramedic.  For the next three hours I was in the hospital with this student listening to him argue with the nurse about my X-rays.

Describe the worst thing:
The worst thing about teaching here is the transit system.  Although it is far advanced compared to the TTC in Toronto, there are always disruptions and lines closed due to "engineering works".  And if it rains or snows it's a nightmare getting to and from work.

What made you stay with Classroom Canada, rather than any other agency?
Within 2 weeks of being in London, Classroom found me a long term contract with a school.  I have been with the same school ever since.  There was no need to find work with any other agencies.

What qualities do you have that make your teaching in London enjoyable?
I think I am easy to talk to and laid back, and I think the students really respond to that.

Thanks Trumaine!  

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