Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Great UK Education Debate: Right HERE on Monday March 22, 2010

I just received an email from the organizer of this event, asking me if we'd like to participate on March 22nd by having our readers ask questions & discuss issues in UK education right here on this very blog.  Of course I said that we'd love to!

Here are the details:

The great education debate

Join education specialist Sir Mike Tomlinson and a panel of experts, including Pete Henshaw, Editor of widely respected education magazines SecEd and Delivering Diplomas, as they debate what needs to change in education ahead of the coming UK elections.

The world is changing rapidly but the education system is failing to change at the same pace. As a country we cannot afford to produce a generation of young people who have not had the opportunity to develop their individual talents and explore the many paths to success.

Edge is an independent education foundation, dedicated to raising the stature of practical and vocational learning. Edge believes the education system needs to include a broad curriculum that combines academic, practical and vocational learning.

Edge has developed their Six Steps to Change Manifesto that outlines the changes they would like to see the three main political parties include which will significantly raise the stature of practical and vocational learning in the UK. Read more at:

Sir Mike and his team want to know what you think about practical and vocational learning and whether you agree with Edge’s Six Steps to Change manifesto.

Have your say on education and in particular on practical and vocational learning. Submit your comments and questions to and tune in on the 22nd March at 4:30pm (UK time) to join the live debate.
See below for details on how to take part!

Who is Sir Mike Tomlinson?

Sir Mike Tomlinson CBE is the chair of the Working Group for 14–19 Reform which has been commissioned by the British Government to look into reform of the syllabus and qualifications structure for 14–19 year-olds in the English education system.

Where can I view the live web debate and submit questions, comments?


Here on this Blog:


The live debate will be broadcast at 4:30pm (UK time, which means 7:30am in BC and 10:30am in Ontario, I'll let the other provinces & states figure out their time zones) on Monday 22nd March via a video player embedded in this blog and within a dedicated tab on Edge’s Facebook page at *.

In the run-up to the debate, questions and comments can be submitted to (please include your name in any communications).
Questions?  Comments?  Share your thoughts in the questions box above, or leave me your thoughts here in our comments section.  Personally, I will be asking a couple of questions about foreign teachers in the UK, changes to daily supply teaching (aka "cover supervisors" for Secondary Teaching) and the teacher shortage in London.  I'm not sure quite what my questions will be, but I know they will cover those subjects.  What about you?

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