Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Books to Read Before Moving to Teach in London, England: London at Night by Jason Hawkes

Jason Hawkes is an aerial photographer who spent last year photographing London at night. His new book, London at Night is available for pre-order now on Amazon and will be available in bookstores in April 2010.

To see samples of the photographs, check out today's Telegraph and look to the right of the page to scan through the images.  You can also see Jason Hawkes' website and enjoy a few hours of visual bliss.

If I could meet this man and follow him around for just one day, I think I'd give up my Oprah audience tickets with the Glee cast this weekend.  But since that's unlikely to happen, I will leave you with this thought: "OMG! I am going to Chicago to sit in Oprah's audience the same day that the cast from Glee is on her show! Yes, that's right.  ME! Oprah! Glee!"

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