Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Importance of Setting Goals & Asking for Help When You Need it

I've decided to tell you what my New Year's Resolution is.  A bit late I know, but still - I am focused on one goal and I know I will reach it.  Are you ready?

I want to win an award in 2010. 

It doesn't really matter what the award is, but something that fits my work would be amazing.

So, imagine my delight when I opened my inbox to find an invitation to apply for an award honouring recruiters who use social media.  Seriously?  Could this award fit my work any better?

Let's see:
  • Classroom Canada now has a zero advertising budget because of my use of social media.
  • I write this blog.
  • I write this other blog.
  • I wrote this ebook.
  • I use Facebook & Twitter.
  • I participate in online forums discussing life in London as an expat, and teaching in London in general.
  • I encourage and participate in this blogging community & love a good discussion.
  • I ask for testimonials from teachers to tell what it's really like to teach in London through the Coffee Time Series (which I am most proud of by the way - I love their stories!)
This award was meant for me! 


If you read this blog, or have just stumbled across it and like what you see, please support me in my goal and vote for the "Teacher Recruitment" button on this link.  I want to win an award!

If not this one, well, then I guess I'll go for an Academy Award instead.  That would be pretty cool too. 

If you want me to just shut up already and get back to talking about teaching in London, better vote so I stop harrassing you.  Oh, and vote often.  Every day would be great! 

Please leave me a comment here if you do vote.  And if you don't, well...7 years of bad luck is coming your way! (Just kidding) (Sort of)

Resources About Teaching in London
Classroom Canada Website
Guide to Teaching in London: A Survival Guide for Canadians
Canadians & Americans in the UK blog

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