Monday, February 15, 2010

Canadian & American Teachers in London Watch the Olympic Games - and Where?

It's half-term break for those lucky teachers in London, so they get one full week off to travel, play and watch the games.  Lucky Canucks!

On Friday, I asked our teachers and teaching assistants where they are watching the Olympic games this week.

Here are their replies:

Samantha says,
"At the Maple Leaf in my roots gear!"
For those of you who don't know, the Maple Leaf is the one and only Canadian pub in Covent Garden.

Kaari says,
"I will be watching everywhere I can manage in work, at home, at the gym....anywhere and everywhere...GOOOO CANADA!!!!"
Kaari will be heading to London in May to start teaching with Classroom Canada.

Maggie says,
"Anywhere that sells burger and beer for five pounds! :)"
Karin says,
"Glasgow, Scotland"
Rebecca is in Vancouver, after teaching with us for a year in London and she's watching the games in person. 

Lars is also in Vancouver, taking advantage of this week off from teaching in London to visit his home-town and see the games in person. 

Some of our teachers are watching the games in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Spain, Stockholm, Ireland and of course, all over England.

Here at Classroom Canada, we're watching the games in BC!  Yes, we are very, very lucky.

Thanks to Erika for allowing me to post the picture above - 2 Canadians in Trafalgar Square celebrating the Olympics in style.

I spoke with one of our teachers, Clair, who will be arriving in London in May 2010 and she pointed out that some of our teachers will actually be in London for the Olympics in 2012.  How cool is that?!  It seems so far away, but actually - it's really only 2 years away.  I will be there for sure.

How about you?  Where are you watching the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics?

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