Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Blogs by Fellow Teachers in America and England

It's our busy time at Classroom Canada and Classroom America, so this post will be short but sweet.

Here are 2 blogs that I just have to share with you here:

  1. I've just discovered Look at My Happy Rainbow, the blog of a male kindergarten teacher.  This blog is sweet, funny and actually makes me want to teach kindergarten or at least be a fly on the wall of Mr. Hapley's classroom.  I used to run kicking & screaming from the lil' ones, but somehow, Mr. Hapley's descriptions of life in his classroom just makes it seem like a magical, comical and wonderful place to be.  He's an American teacher, and not working in London, England - so really, not that relevant to this little blog of mine, but I like it.  So I'm sharing.
  2. I've mentioned Miss Snuffy's blog, To Miss With Love, a few times on this blog and feel the need to do so again. She's great. She teaches in London and tells it like it is in inner city schools, rumpling a few feathers along the way.  A true, anonymous blog.
More Resources About Teaching in London, England:
Classroom Canada Website
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  1. i LOVE My Happy Rainbow and can relate to it so much working in a year 1 class. so funny and so true-to-life!


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