Friday, January 22, 2010

What others say about the Canadian Teachers in London with Classroom Canada

I received this email from a friend who works in a payroll company that deals with our teachers in London:
"The reason I'm dropping you this email is to tell you that I'm now working in the Administration department in Key who deal with new contractors joining us. Out of all the agencies that I've been dealing with I would like to tell you that the Canadian teachers coming through Classroom have to be the best organised out of any foreign teachers joining us!!! NO DOUBT!!! This I can only put down to your superb book or you being so well clued up ;o) I don't think I've ever had to call Classroom up and ask for a visa or missing P46 or anything for that matter.
Hat's off to you for making my life at work that little bit easier ;o)"
I love it!  Not only do schools in London love our teachers, but our Scottish friends in Glasgow who deal with paying the teachers also love them. 

I wish I could say that this is all my doing, but really it's not. I don't deal with this aspect of their pay at all, so it's all the teachers doing.  And the administration & accounts teams in the Classroom London office.  What troopers!

Well done everyone. Thanks for making my job that much more enjoyable every day.

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