Friday, January 29, 2010

This is How We Do It: Canadians Teaching in London Social This Weekend

The video above has nothing to do with this blog post, except that it's just-oh-so-Canadian and I love it.

What do I love the most about my job, recruiting Canadian & American teachers to work in London, England?  

Their social lives.  

The teaching job part is great, but I know from first-hand experience the importance of a social community of teachers when living abroad. Without that community, the teaching job eats up all the energy and enthusiasm for life that teachers have.

Classroom Canada, and now Classroom America, has a great network of teachers living and working in Central London. They first meet on facebook in our private members group only for teachers & teaching assistants that have been selected to work with us. Some of them take the same flights to London or meet up in coffee shops in their home towns all across Canada. Eventually, they all meet in London in our accommodations, at our Professional Development Sessions and socials.

They become great friends. They have an amazing community & network of travel buddies ("Anyone want to come to Rome with me next weekend?" was seen on facebook this morning). They know that at the end of the day they always have someone to talk to that understands what it's like to be a Canadian or American teacher working in inner city London schools.

This makes me so proud! I love what I do. I love seeing my teachers attend each other's weddings "back home" after they return, visiting each other in various Canadian or American cities. The teaching jobs last a term or a year or two, but the friendships - they last a lifetime.

So what are Canadian teachers in London doing this weekend? They've organized their own social through a facebook group called "Canadians Teaching in the UK: 2009-2010". Many of our teachers attend these events, and many of the teachers are with other agencies in London. I love that they don't wait for their agencies to throw parties, but instead open their arms to all Canadian teachers in London.  

If you're a teacher in London and want to meet some great Canadian teachers or non-teachers this weekend, check out the event. You're bound to meet some of the Classroom Canada teachers & teaching assistants there. They're the ones that walk to the pub because they live in our accommodations downtown. Lucky ducks.

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  1. Trisha and I are going on a bus tour of Leeds castle tomorrow, but hope to meet up with them for drinks!

  2. Fun! That's what I'm talking about :-)
    Have an amazing weekend and let us know how the event goes if you do manage to make it.

  3. Victoria: My father worked as a logger (?) in BC in the 1920s. I recall him saying that when there was a log jam, a call would go out for single men and childless men to get out of danger's way, which always struck me as sooo gallant and unexpected.
    However, it was called out in some very pithy phrase, which I forget. Would you, by chance, know it? (I think that it should be embedded in Canadian folklore).

  4. Hi Frances,
    Great question and sadly, I have no idea!

    Sounds like a really good Canadian Pub Quiz question though. Let me know if you find the answer - I am helping someone in London organize a pub quiz with random Canadian questions and this would fit right in.


  5. ooh, i want in on that pub quiz!! we always go to the one at our local and fail miserably every week! and every week the quizmaster tells us that next week it'll be all canadian questions. he lies, of course. :P

  6. Hi Amie,
    I thought of you when I agreed to help out with the pub quiz. Knew you'd love it!

    I'll keep you posted. I think we're aiming for the spring.



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