Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Teachers TV: Why Teachers Should Watch More Television

Do you know about Teachers TV yet? 

Teachers TV  is a UK website and tv station that shows short documentaries about teaching in the UK, meant to help teachers & teaching assistants improve their skills. You can literally find thousands of great videos to help you with your behaviour management, literacy & numeracy teaching, all curriculum areas, planning, assessment, differentiation, special educational needs teaching, early years, primary & secondary teaching, administration, personal well being...the list goes on and on.

Any teacher interested in teaching in London, or anywhere in the UK, should be on this site on a regular basis.  I advise my teachers about to depart for London to take 15-30 minutes of every day to watch just one video. 

Write down everything it makes you think and ask questions of our other teachers in London or in Canada and about to depart.  Start discussions.  Have popcorn & movie nights with other teachers and watch the videos.  Okay, okay - that might be a bit much, but we all know teachers talk about teaching all the time, so why not use the videos as a way to focus those discussions?

If you have a particular interest in behaviour management (and you should if you have read any of the Coffee Time interviews with our teachers on the right hand side of this blog), then check out the 154 videos available today on Teachers.Tv

Useful Resources (Teaching in London)

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  1. Can i watch it online.Please reply thanks.I'm asking because I'm a teacher but not form the UK.

  2. Yes. The links I posted are the website where you can watch the videos online for free.

    1. In agreement with the DFE all 3,500 Teachers TV videos are now available on TES Teachers TV


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