Monday, January 25, 2010

It's Robbie Burns Day: Haggis & All Things Scottish with Some Poetry Thrown In For Good Measure

Robbie Burns, the Scottish poet, was born on this day in 1759.  Every year we celebrate his birthday with poetry, whisky and haggis.  In London, almost every pub will host a Robbie Burns Day event, usually with some good ol' Scottish pub grub and someone reading poetry.  Here in Canada, almost every city will have at least one pub holding celebrations.

Above is a Canadian-Scottish Vancouver based punk band, the Real McKenzies playing the same song as the 1st video above.  Wow.  So many ways to play with Robbie Burns' words.

What are you doing to celebrate Robbie Burns birthday?

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  1. Okay I'm showing my ignorance, is this Robert Burns the poet? And what is haggis?

  2. Hi Karen!
    Yes it is - I guess they don't celebrate it where you are.

    It's a big celebration for his birthday every year where people celebrate all things Scottish, which includes Haggis - a sausage-y type food, that is particularly nasty in my opinion. Sausage-y? Like my new word? ;-) I can't think of any other way to describe it though.


Thanks for sharing your two pence!


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