Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Very Special Sunday Post: My 2009 Edublog Award Nominations Are...

The Edublog Awards are into their 6th year of celebrating amazing education bloggers, so I figure I better get in my nominations.  You have until Tuesday, November 8th to nominate (you can't nominate yourself though!) and then on Wednesday, the voting begins and ends on the 16th December. 

Best individual blog - With so many of our teachers and teaching assistants blogging these days, this was a really hard call to make, but  Bryn the Brit's blog stands out for a couple of reasons. She's a teaching assistant and a swing dance teacher originally from Ottawa and now living in London, England.  So, Edublog-wise, her blog is an interesting read on what it's like to be a teaching assistant for students with special educational needs, as well as dancing teaching, and what it's like to live abroad.  Keep on dancing Bryn!

Best new blog - Brand New Socks There are so many amazing new bloggers out there! But this one reminds me why bloggers got started in the first place. Her writing is so reflective that I often feel like I am peaking into the secret diary of a stranger. If you have time to read only one blog, this would be the one that will keep you coming back for more.

Best teacher blog - Mr Teacher's Urban School Teacher blog. Mr Teacher says it like it is. Thanks for sharing with us!

Best elearning / corporate education blog - Sarah Ebner's School Gate Blog. Sarah's blog is a parent's perspective on education issues in the UK and I can't recommend it enough.

Lifetime achievement - Siobhan Curious' Classroom as Microcosm. I'm not sure how one would define "lifetime achievement" but in my books, anyone that's been teaching for ages and still makes the time to blog deserves this award. Plus, she's a brilliant writer! Check out her blog and I'm sure you will agree.

Want to nominate your own favourites?  Check out Edublog Awards 2009 and get your nominations in before this Tuesday. There's still time!


  1. Wow - thanks so much for the nomination, Victoria! "Lifetime Achievement" seems like a big badge to me too, but I humbly accept, and will try to find a few minutes in the next few days to put together my own list...

  2. Whoa, um, thanks!!! I certainly didn't expect that. I guess I need to get some good content up there now.

  3. Thanks so much Victoria. I am really honoured.
    And thanks for recommeding the other blogs too. I am just off to check them out!

  4. Hey, Victoria... I'm not sure they received your nominations, because none of them seem to be on the Edublog Awards site. Also, I know this blog was nominated and it's not up there either.

  5. Thanks for letting me know - I'll email them right now. There must be a glitch.

  6. Here's the reply I rec'd:

    Hi Victoria

    Both these nomination posts were taken into consideration. Unfortunately most categories had large numbers of nominations (for example some were well over 100). It wasn't possible to short list all nominations because it makes it unmanageable for everyone.

    This meant nominations in all categories went through a short-listing process and each nomination was examined closely by the judges.

    You can read more about the process here -

    Cheers, Sue Waters


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