Monday, November 23, 2009

Spreading the Bloggin' Love: Teacher Blogs About Teaching in London, England

Every few months I like to update ya'all on the blogs I read, particularly written by those amazing Canadian and American teachers and teaching assistants working in London, England with Classroom Canada.

Some reflect on their adventures in teaching, but most just write about what it's like to live in London, where they travel and what they get up to on their weekends.  Some use their blogs to share resources and information to help others make the move to teaching in the UK.

Here's the current list of blogs I read on a regular basis, in no particular order:

Mike's Blog - Mike is new to blogging, and shares his stories of life in London from a football-loving- Torontonian's perspective.   It's refreshing to read a guy's perspective (most of our teachers are women, simply because 80% of teachers in Canada are women.  Weird right? Where are all the male-teachers?)

BangersNMash -  Shannon is a new teacher and she's doing exceptionally well in our schools.  She has an upbeat, outgoing personality that shines through her writing.  Please leave comments and encourage her to write more.

Brand New Socks - This blog reminds me why bloggers got started in the first place.  Her writing is so reflective that I often feel like I am peaking into the secret diary of a stranger.  If you have time to read only one blog, this would be the one that will keep you coming back for more.

Britain and Beyond - Bryn is a teaching assistant, a swing dance teacher, a drama specialist and so, so much more.  Her writing is fresh, young, upbeat and also quite reflective.

Get an Eyepatch, Man - Amie and Morgan are on a mission to post every day that they are living in London as a teaching assistant/teacher team.  Love it!

Heather in the UK - This is Heather's second year teaching in London with us, and she only posts once a month or so, but every post is a delight to read.

Jessica and Grant in London - Yet another teaching assistant/teacher team, Jessica and Grant have recently arrived in London and post their pictures and stories to share with us all.  You might recognize them from the Scavenger Hunt pictures that I posted last week - Grant looks particularly sharp in his winning sunglasses.

Just Take Me Where I've Never Been Before - Erika is also in her second year teaching in London with Classroom Canada, and while she thinks she's "boring" (read her most recent post), I think her writing gives us an insight into what it's like to live and teach in London over time.  Eventually, it stops being so new and scary, and everyone gets settled into life in London.  I absolutely love Erika's writing and think she should publish a book at some point.

Jodi And Tyson - Jodi and Tyson have been blogging for a while now and share heaps of resources and advice for other Canadians considering the big move across the pond.  Scroll through their older posts to see their advice about how to make the move easier as they literally walk you through the steps they took before moving to teach in London.

Mike and Heather Save the World - Hmm...another teacher/teaching assistant team. I sense a theme here.  Check out their pictures of Scotland - they're stunning.

Phoebe, All Over - Phoebe's blog has a fresh, pink, girlie vibe with a strong history focus.  Or should I say herstory?

Songs of Innocence - Joann and Maggie are two teacher friends from Vancouver and their photos are amazing!  Joann started reading my blog last year during teacher's college and eventually managed to convince Maggie to leave the comforts of Vancouver for the excitement of London life. They're both doing exceptionally well in our schools and their positive attitudes shine through their photos.

Where is Kirbie?  Remember Kirbie from her comments on my blog?  Well, she's now teaching in London and working full-time. Drop by and see how she's doing now.

Are there any blogs you would like to recommend?  Please share your two cents below.

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  1. Hey Vic!

    Thanks for the shout out! I've been a lame blogger lately, but I always have very good intentions :) Maybe I'll get better at the blogging thing, I have very good stories that I get from teaching full time, haha :)

  2. Hi Victoria,

    One I like to read about the culture, impressions, and the quirky differences between the Brits and Americans is: written by three Americans that humorously record some culture clashes. Not teaching specific, but still! Scroll down and I'm sure you'll see many culture-clashes that are similar to Canadian impressions as well.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing that one Ann! I love what I've read so far (the most recent post about Saturday night outfits had me laughing outloud).

    I will try to share this on the "Canadians & Americans in the UK" blog that I write as well, since that one is less for teachers and more for culture across the board. I'm excited to have a new blog to read.

  4. Your post is featured in this week's EduCarnival!

    I love getting to read posts from people I'm not familiar with, so it'd be awesome if you'd put up a quick note on your blog or website linking to the carnival and encouraging your readers to submit as well.


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