Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Photos From Classroom Canada's Run With Richard & The Blogger's Bash

How amazing our the Classroom Canada teachers & teaching assistants in London?  Absolutely outstanding!

On Monday, we had our Run with Richard, a 5km jogging tour of our local area around Central London, including the London Eye, the Ritz Hotel, Green Park, Bond Street, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Leicester Square, Soho and the Thames River.  I am very impressed! 

Last night, some of our blogging teachers and teaching assistants got together at the Maple Leaf Pub, our only Canadian bar in London and home to poutine and Sleeman's beer.  We shared many laughs, blogging stories & advice and much praise all around for the amazing stories and reflections that our teachers have shared through their blogs.  Some even called each other the "famous bloggers", as they've followed their adventures from being in Canada to finally arriving in London and now their teaching stories.  Finally, they got to meet in person and away from their computers. 

Tonight, we have a Professional Development Workshop with Sophie Walker for Primary & Secondary Teachers, and tomorrow we have another workshop for Special Educational Needs teaching.  Then, on Friday we take over the streets of London with the famous and fantastic Classroom Canada Scavenger Hunt.  Not only are the teachers actually teaching in London schools, they also know how to go out, make new friends and have a great time living in central London. 

Here are some photos to show you the Run and the Maple Leaf event, in no particular order:

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  1. Nice. Classroom Canada seems to be a great project. I have never heard about that before, though. Oh, and I am quite surprised there is only one Canadian bar in London. I expected more of them.



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