Friday, October 23, 2009

"That's So Gay": How to Deal With Homophobic Comments in Schools

I love the video above. It's circulating on facebook with quite a few of the Classroom Canada teachers and I am excited to share it with you here.  Wanda Sykes shows us how we can deal with homophobia with young people in a witty, and fun way.  Brilliant.

It's half term break in the UK as of right now.  Teachers and Teaching Assistants are catching flights around Europe (to Ireland, Scotland, Paris, Portugal...those are the places I know of right now, but I'm sure next week I will get reports of more travels) as well as taking this week to get to know their new home city, London.  There are loads of free things to do in London, and plenty of our teachers are taking advantage of this time off to visit museums, meet up with other Canadian and American teachers, get to know their new accommodations at Oxford Circus, find their "locals" (aka pubs) and play frisbee in Hyde Park. 

I'm catching up on paperwork this weekend, watching the Canucks vs Maple Leafs game on Saturday (I always enjoy a good ol' BC vs ON game, being from both parts myself), catching a flight to London as soon as I can (Tuesday? Wednesday? Thursday?  It's all last minute folks...) and preparing for our PD week in London.  You can read more about the events here.  I haven't jogged since I did an 8km run a couple of weeks ago and pulled a muscle- it was an amazing run though! 7am along Dallas Road with the sun rising and the sound of thousands of feet hitting the pavement - music to my ears.  So I better get out there and prepare for our Run with Richard.  Bailing just isn't an option.

I probably won't post on this blog for a week or so.  Enjoy this week everyone!  We all deserve it.

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  1. Great video, which I hadn't seen. Thanks Victoria.
    Glad the Hunt went well!


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