Wednesday, October 7, 2009

How to Increase Your Chances of Landing a Teaching Job in London

To follow on from Monday's post about the job situation for secondary teachers in London, here's how you can improve your chances of landing that perfect teaching job in London.

Attend these workshops in London October 16th and 17th for Special Educational Needs Teaching.  The workshops cost only 12 pounds each and are filling up fast.   

You can choose between primary and secondary focused workshops.  I would personally sign up for as many as possible and use the 2 days to increase my understanding of the UK education system and SEN in particular.  You will meet teachers and administrators from all walks of life.  What a great networking opportunity!

One bit of advice for Canadian and American teachers and teaching assistants: These workshops are intended for all kinds of teachers, not just foreigners. So, while we are all welcome to attend, please remember that most of the participants will be British and not there to learn the basics.  If you want the basics from a Canadian perspective, just read my ebook.  That will give you a good understanding of the UK system.

After attending the workshops, head home and edit your resume/CV to show your participation at the events.  This is very important!  It shows that you're not just in London to travel the world and using teaching as your means to an end. Instead, it shows that you are passionate about teaching in the UK, you want to know as much as possible to make you a better teacher and will do whatever it takes to get that teaching job you want so badly.

Classroom also offers workshops for our new arrivals and experienced teachers.  To see our workshops and sign up, please see this post.

To apply for teaching and teaching assistant jobs with Classroom Canada, please see our website and sign up for our newsletters.  Don't forget to check out the Guide to Teaching in London.


  1. I would recommend trying to get onto any seminar that addresses specific special needs – Autism, ADHD, Aspergers would all be great. The more general ones on behaviour, numeracy, literacy etc could be useful, but from a special needs point of view may not stand out as much on your CV. Looking forward to hearing your feedback on the courses Lucy from the SEN Team

  2. Hi Victoria! Just wondering if you know of any websites that give info about PD in London- I won't be there in time for these particular workshops, but would like to know about workshops that may be offered in the future!

  3. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for the question. We have our Classroom PD workshops the first week of November, and then we offer workshops throughout the year depending on interest. I believe Lucy is working on some new SEN workshops for the future.

    For workshops offered by outside organizations, just check out There are tonnes of resources on that site, and most PD workshops are announced there if they are open to the public.

    You will always hear about the Classroom workshops from me and my colleagues of course. :-)
    Hope this helps!


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