Friday, October 2, 2009

And the applications come pouring in...

I've been away participating in my own professional development for the past week and a half and let me tell you - my inbox is jam-packed with applications from teachers and teaching assistants who want to teach in London, England with Classroom Canada.  Wow.  I knew I'd have a lot, but honestly, this is way more than even I expected.

I have a few ideas as to why this might be the case:
  1. Teachers across Canada and the USA realize in late September and early October that they might as well apply to teach in the UK since they still don't have work "back home."  Not the best reason to apply, but I get it.
  2. Teachers arrive in London with other agencies and realize that the agency they picked doesn't have enough work to go around (This is particularly the case for Secondary School Teachers this year, and a blog post will follow to explain this more), so they apply to teach with us because they've heard great things and/or read this blog.
  3. Teachers panic.  They apply everywhere and anywhere.  When I call them, I have to remind them what they've applied for.  It makes me giggle inside.  It really does.  "Oh London?  England? Oh! Uhhh....okay, sure!"
  4. Teachers read this blog and after doing heaps and heaps of research and looking internally to see if they're ready for the big move to the UK, they finally just click "send" on that email they've been working on for weeks (or even months!).  These are my favourites of course.  
Needless to say, I am swamped.  Happily swamped, but swamped.

So, I am back to blogging and will post every Mon/Wed/Fri as usual, and on Tuesdays and Thursdays on my Moving to the UK blog.  Please share your comments, questions, thoughts, concerns in the comments box below!

To apply to teach in London, England with Classroom Canada just send me your CV/Resume by email to apply at classroomcanada dot com.  


  1. hi victoria! hope your conference was good, would love to hear about it!

    i was just wondering what classroom canada's plan is for the secondary teachers. on facebook you explained that "changes in UK government and how the schools hire has really slammed all the secondary teachers & agencies. I'll explain more in the blog soon, but in a nut shell, it's a shocker for everyone, and every agency is struggling with this one this year." does this mean there will be less secondary teachers going over this year? it's stressful to think that the secondary teachers who are already here struggling to get work will have to compete for jobs with even more teachers in the next few months. just wondering what you thought about that? thanks!

  2. Hi Amie,
    I'm having a meeting on Monday morning with a few key decision makers about this very issue, so I'll let you know what we decide to do.

    The teachers there now will always get first dibs on any jobs over someone who has just arrived anyway, so the new arrivals shouldn't impact the secondary teachers there. The new arrivals might not like to hear that, but it is what it is.

    Supply teaching is starting to pick up, and teachers are starting to take courses so that will help. I know it might not seem like it is, especially with September being what it is, but supply work is starting to trickle in.

    At least we know all the other agencies are in the same boat - I've never seen so many applications from secondary teachers with other agencies in my 5 years of doing this. And our reputation is great with schools, so at least we know that when work picks up, you guys will be the first to get it! Loyalty is always rewarded.

    Anyway, I'm back from my conference and this will be my #1 priority this week of course.

    Have a fabulous weekend, and enjoy Hyde Park! Sounds like it will be a great day for a picnic. Please let the others know that I am thinking of them and will do my best to help where I can.

  3. Glad to hear that you are happily busy.


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