Friday, September 4, 2009

Professional Development Workshops for Teachers in London, England

Every year, Classroom Canada and Classroom London join forces to help our new teachers adjust to life in London with a week of professional development sessions. We offer these sessions after the first half-term break, which is when a large group of our teachers arrive in London to start teaching.

Check 'em out!

Monday, November 2nd 2009: Classroom Canada Run With Richard
Richard Gilbey is one of the founders of Classroom Ltd and an all 'round great guy. He's also an avid runner, and often jokes that he'd love to take our teachers on a tour of London with his favourite jogging routes. I finally took him up on the offer and I'm amazed at the positive response from our teachers! I had no idea we had so many joggers in our bunch, or people who are keen to give it a go anyway.

So we're doing a 5km jogging tour near our office in Oxford Circus. You can sign up here if you'd like to join us - all are welcome!

Wednesday November 4th 2009: How to Survive & Succeed With Sophie Walker

Sophie Walker returns to deliver another free workshop for our primary & secondary teachers in London. This workshop will help all new-comers understand the ins and outs of supply teaching in London, with a view to securing long term employment as well. Please read Sophie's bio below.

Seats are limited! Sign up by emailing me (victoria at classroomcanada dot com).

Thursday, November 5th 2009: SEN Survival Tips & Tricks with Sophie Walker

Sophie Walker offers another free workshop for teachers that are keen to work in Special Educational Needs in London. Whether you have experience with SEN or not, this is a great workshop to help you understand all you need to know to succeed in our SEN schools in London.

Seats are limited! Sign up by emailing me (victoria at classroomcanada dot com).

Friday, November 6th 2009: Classroom Canada London Scavenger Hunt
You can't miss this incredible event! It's always a huge hit, and this year will be even bigger and better than last.

We meet at a pub in Central London and I organize the teachers and teaching assistants into small teams of 4 or 5 people. I give them directions and a set of instructions and they have about 2 hours to get as many items checked on the list as possible, all while running around the streets of London of course.

This year, we have Classroom Canada teachers who completed the event last year, so they will be involved as team leaders, or I will handicap them in some way (Three legged race perhaps? Potato sacks? Something equally silly I'm sure).

We also have prizes from Flight Centre, Topdeck and the Canada Shop which are highly coveted by the winning teams. To sign up for this event, please click here.

Anything else you'd like to see on offer this year? Please share your thoughts below!

Sophie Walker's Bio:

We are so pleased that Sophie Walker will be running the workshops again this year.

Sophie Walker came to London for a year nearly ten years ago. She left her native Melbourne where she taught English and Drama at a boys Catholic School, holding the position of Head of the Performing Arts Department for two years.

Sophie left to travel and look for new educational experiences. She started out working in London as a supply teacher, through Classroom, teaching the subjects she was trained in to secondary pupils. Two of her long term placements were a 'fresh start' school in Hammersmith and an about to be 'fresh start' school in Hillingdon.

While doing this she lived on friends floors and for a while moved house once a year!

Sophie has experienced day to day supply and long term positions and has also worked as a Hearing Support Teacher for an inner city Borough. She ran a centre for excluded pupils for two years dealing with a variety of emotional behavioural needs. She also worked for Classroom as a consultant in the SEN Section.

Sophie now works as an Advisory Support Teacher for a London Borough, her focus is supporting pupils who have a diagnosis of Autism and are between the ages of 3 and 7. She has recently started her Masters of Education.

Sophie's wide range of experience means that she is in a great position to pass on a wealth of information about surviving (and enjoying) your first year in London.

To become part of the Classroom Canada team, sign up for our newsletters & apply through our website.Be sure to read the Guide to Teaching in London: A Survival Guide for Canadians to help you understand everything you need to know about teaching in London.


  1. Hello,
    I would love to see a workshop on curriculum for London. Although we are trained teachers a briefing on the curriculum would be great. I would like to see things like: how to find the specific objectives for the years online, how to navigate through resources, and recommended resources in London. What the different names of the subjects are in comparison. A general curriculum briefing would be really helpful for new teachers please and thank you.

  2. Management!!! All the Coffee Time interviews indicate that it's an issue- a seminar on Management would be SO helpful, and help alleviate some anxiety about this aspect of teaching!

  3. Hi Anon 1 and Anon 2,

    Thanks for your comments!
    Management will be a huge focus in these workshops as you're right - it's something we all need to focus on when we first arrive in London (and forever really). :-)

    For the curriculum, it's hard to cover in the workshops as teachers teach all different subjects and age groups. Sophie will certainly touch on the curriculum, and will show how to write lesson objectives and some basic lesson plans.

    The other thing is that lessons are mostly already planned for you so it's not really like Canada where you have your curriculum documents & have to sort it all out on your own. There's still some planning of course, but ... it's just different and hard to explain until you're there and wading through the documents unfortunately. Maybe some of our experienced teachers can help explain this better?

    I wrote about the curriculum and how to find the resources in the Guide to Teaching in London, so that might help as well.

    I will try to write a new blog post about curriculum here as well. Once things settle down a bit anyway.

    Thanks again! Keep those comments coming,


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