Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Teaching in the UK: Multiple Intelligences & VAK Approach

One of the things I love about teaching in the UK is that the schools are really keen on multiple intelligences and theVAK approach. VAK stands for Visual, Auditory & Kinesthetic and it simply means that you plan for all three teaching methods in your lesson plans.

When I taught in primary schools in London, I had to show in each lesson plan what I intended to do for all three learning styles and then evaluate my lessons later and include notes on how I thought the lessons went. It's a bit more paperwork than you might be used to, but it does help you to focus on what your lessons should include.

It's fairly easy to do this with the Interactive Whiteboards and the manipulatives you will have in your London classroom. The lesson planning is mostly already done for you, so that helps reduce your work load as well. (I explain this further in theGuide to Teaching in London: A Survival Guide for Canadians.)

Here are some more resources to help with Muliple Intelligences & the VAK approach, including one that disagrees & debates the idea.

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  1. Cool! My lesson plans had to include multiple intelligences for my internship :)


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