Monday, August 17, 2009

The New Plan: Blogging for Classroom Canada and Canadians & Americans in the UK

Last week, I told you that I started another blog to help Canadians & Americans move to the UK on top of writing this blog. I wondered how I would find the time to keep up with both blogs.

Over the weekend and between dragon boat races, I thought about how I could keep both balls in the air. I eventually came up with my new blogging plan.

I will continue to write my Classroom Canada blog every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I'll write the "Canadians & Americans in the UK" blog every Tuesday and Thursday. This way, I can still blog every day, but am able to give more information to even more people (not just teachers & TA's like I do now with Classroom Canada).

With the "Canadians & Americans in the UK" blog, I will donate money to Kiva helps entrepreneurs around the world with small loans that change lives forever.

I will match every dollar donated on the site, and will focus on education, housing and health projects where I can, unless the person donating would like a different project.

This Wednesday and on this blog, I hope to clear up the confusion about the new paperwork required from American & Canadian teachers who are moving to London to teach. I have to wade through a very text-heavy website to translate from British bureacratic-speak to Canadian layperson, but it is in the plan, so hopefully you'll find the new post up here on Wednesday morning.

In the meantime, please continue to share your comments, questions, suggestions, wanderings below with your comments.

To become part of the Classroom Canada team, sign up for our newsletters & apply through our website.Be sure to read the Guide to Teaching in London: A Survival Guide for Canadians to help you understand everything you need to know about teaching in London.


  1. Great plan! It's perfect because everything you write in the other blog will be relevant to teachers, too, so you're really not taking anything away. I look forward to reading.

  2. The paperwork needed for Americans and Canadians would be very helpful information indeed! I'm just gathering all the information, but it still is so daunting, and I'm sure I've forgotten a million important documents!


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