Friday, August 14, 2009

New Blog to Help Canadians & Americans Move to the UK

I might just be crazy, but I started a second blog to help Canadians & Americans move to the UK.

It's called "Canadians & Americans in the UK" and it will be very similar to this blog, but with a more general focus. I realize that teachers aren't the only ones to move to the UK, and that I can help students, doctors, nurses, accountants, business-people, travelers, actors, artists, get the idea right?

The only issue is time. Where will I find the time to do this other blog? I'm not quite sure yet! But I do love blogging, and I'm so proud of the success of Classroom Canada and our teachers because of this little blog of mine, so why not share the same information for everyone else? I'll discuss banking, visas, flights, accommodations, job hunting and all that jazz.

Classroom Canada will still be my #1 priority of course.

What do you think? Is this crazy or brilliant? Any ideas for the blog & what else I should cover?

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  1. Thanks so much... adding it to my feed! I could use all the advice I can get as I prepare to leave in (omg) less than 3 weeks. I've been scouring the internet, of course, but this kind of information is surprisingly hard to come by.

  2. Thanks Bryn! I think the biggest issue is finding the right up-to-date information, so hopefully I can help with this new blog. At least I know I have one reader eh? ;-)


  3. You definately have more than one reader! I'll add it to my feed as well.

    Good for you though, this is alot to take on, just for the sole reason that you want to help people :) Very nice of you!

    Maybe I can contribute to the blog once I get over there and have somethings figured out for myself.

    Hope you enjoyed your vacation, but I'm glad you're back, because I really do enjoy reading your blog everyday :)

  4. Hi Kirbie,
    I'd love your input! I might use your visa guidance post actually. I've been sending teachers to your blog when they are confused about the world bridge documentation so maybe I should just send more readers your way when I write my first visa post. Actually, watch for it - it will likely be tomorrow on the Americans & Canadians in the UK blog. :-)

    Happy packing! You must be almost ready...wootwoot!


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