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How To Write A Resume/CV For Teaching Jobs in the UK

I receive hundreds of resumes and CVs a year. Maybe even thousands at this stage. Some are great, and many aren't.

Here are my top 13 tips for resume writing for teaching jobs in the UK:

1. Your Resume/CV should be 2 pages.
No more, no less.

2. Ditch the objective.
It's obvious. Unless of course, you only want "daily supply teaching" and don't want a long term position. In that case, you should include a short statement that makes this clear. Otherwise, we can assume that you are applying for a full-time, long term teaching position that suits your experience & skills. Please don't say that you "want to be challenged." You are a teacher right? We get that.

3. Both pages of your resume/CV should include your contact details, specifically: your landline and/or cell phone number and your email address. You'd be surprised how many people leave this information out.

4. Use a professional email address, not ""
Your first and last name @ is fine. Your first impression needs to be that of a professional teacher, not a fun student with a silly email address.

5. Avoid paragraphs. It hurts our eyes and stops us from reading past the first paragraph.

6. Don't write "References Available Upon Request." Again, you're stating the obvious.

7. Teacher Job Details
We need to know what grade you taught, and if it's not obvious, then tell us what subjects you taught. So, if you're a primary school teacher, then I already know you taught math, science, English, PE, etc. That's obvious because that's what primary teachers do. But if you taught Grade 10, then I need to know what you taught. I also need to know the type of school (ie Catholic, public, private, Jewish, etc).

8. Extracurricular Activities
Did you go above & beyond your role as a teacher? If so, tell us about it! Did the team you coach come in 1st at nationals? Bragging about your involvement in your student's success is perfectly acceptable!

9. National Test Scores
Did you raise your class performance in the national or provincial tests? Tell us about this. For example, I taught Year 6 Math SATs in England and 9 out of 10 of my students achieved one grade level or more than what was expected. This is HUGE! You bet that's on my Teacher CV.

10. Just graduated?
We need to see more than just your practicum placements. We also need to see some life experience. Since you were a student for so long, and now you're not, you need to prove to us that you have worked other jobs, ideally in an education related area. So, if you are the Camp Director for a camp for kids with disabilities, get that in your resume. But if you worked at summer camp when you were 16, please leave this out! Show your Professional Development workshops, extra courses, summer employment and if you have already taught abroad. That shows your maturity.

11. Experience Abroad
If you have volunteered abroad, speak other languages or taught abroad, get that in your CV. We love this!

12. Volunteer Experience
Again, if you volunteered in an educational setting, let us know. Even if you only spent one summer with kids with intellectual disabilities, and you think that's not relevant, you're wrong. We love to hear more about your involvement in your local community, and particularly with kids and SEN.

13. Interests
If you're really keen on music, art, drama, theatre, sport, coaching etc then yes, get this in your CV at the bottom of page 2. But if your interests are "reading, writing, watching movies, hanging out with friends, travelling..." then don't bother. Think like a Principal and ask yourself, "What skills do I want my teachers to have?" Reading is obvious! Of course you read!
But coaching gymnastics? Now, I want that on my staff team. If you do parkour, or hip-hop dance, or can teach yoga...all of these are unique skills that can add to any teacher staff team.

I think I've covered everything here, but please let me know if I've forgotten anything. Also, if you have any great tips, advice or websites to share please leave your comment below.

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