Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Back from Holidays!

I had a lovely vacation from Classroom Canada and am back to helping teachers move to London to teach and travel. I have more than 300 emails in my inbox (!) so this post will be short & sweet.

Thanks to all those teachers who sent me Happy Birthday messages and "Have a great holiday!" emails. I had a wonderful 33rd birthday, and reunited with friends that I met at Queen's during my B.Ed. Sophia teaches in Toronto, Nancy in Barrie and Adrienne in Vienna and we had a blast here in Victoria. We had lots of beach time, laughter and reminiscing. I miss them already!

Here at work, I am noticing that quite a few of the emails I have yet to reply to ask about registering to teach in the UK. It's a new process and one that I am researching to write about for you all this week.

In a nut shell, there is one more bureaucratic step in preparing to teach in the UK, but this won't affect our teachers arriving in the next few weeks or even 2 months. Some of the other agencies are getting their teachers to fill out the paperwork now, and telling teachers that they won't be able to teach in the UK without this done. That's not entirely true. It will be true eventually, but not yet.

The deadline isn't until November and my colleagues are excellent at keeping on top of these things, so I'm not going to panic about getting all my teachers to do it now. We have the Quality Mark, and go above & beyond so please don't stress. If you've been selected to teach with us, we'll make sure that actually happens!

Anyway, I will go through all the paperwork myself and will translate it from British bureaucracy-speak to Canadian lay-person.

If you have any more to add to this, please leave a comment below.

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  1. Your ability to stay completely on top of the million tasks you must have to do every day astounds me. 300+ emails and yet you still managed to book me an appointment, answer my questions on Facebook, and write this blog post before the morning was up. Incredible.

  2. Thanks Bryn! I'm better in the mornings than the afternoons anyway. I avoided all major tasks today as well, so that helps. :-)


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