Wednesday, July 8, 2009

More Resources for Teaching: Comics in the Classroom

I'm all for using a variety of teaching methods and have written before about Interactive Whiteboards in London schools and just how awesome I think they are. So, I was excited to read Mister Teacher's blog this week as he points out another great resource to use in teaching: Comics!

Remember when you were a student and one of your teachers used a Calvin & Hobbes cartoon, or even Charlie Brown in their hand-outs? I always loved that idea. I had a teacher who always included a cartoon at the end of their science tests, so when you finally finished you knew there would at least be something to look forward to.

My favourite in the list is Pixton - students can create their own comic strips using this online tool. I can see it being used in all subject areas, and the students will certainly enjoy it.

What about you? Do you use comics in your teaching? Would you?

More Resources for Teachers:

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