Wednesday, July 29, 2009

How to Book a Cheap Flight to the UK from Canada or the USA

Some of our teachers are preparing to arrive in London for the upcoming academic school year and they want to know how to get the best, cheap flights to London from wherever they are in Canada or the USA.

I wrote this piece a while back, but much of the information is out of date already, so here's an update:
  1. Sarah Buchan from Flight Centre has agreed to give our teachers at least a $25 discount for any international flight that they book through her. Just say "Classroom Canada" when you call her and she'll set you up with a good deal.  You don't actually have to be one of our teachers to benefit from this, so if you're with another agency but read this blog, feel free to say "Classroom Canada" to get the deal anyway. I don't mind! Call 1 866 552 4050 and ask for Sarah and say "Classroom Canada" so she gets you the deal.
  2. If you live near a border state, it's worth looking into flying from America rather than Canada. Many of the teachers from Victoria last year booked their flights to depart from Seattle and saved a few hundred dollars. It added a few hours to their travel time, but when you are on a budget, those hours are still worth the savings.
  3. Try to think outside the box. Ron is one of our teachers from Toronto, and he really wants to go to Iceland on his way to London. He found a deal through Iceland Air where he can have a one week stopover in Iceland on his way to London for only $400 (including taxes) - that's a steal and a half!
  4. Sign up to receive weekly newsletters from Flight Centre and Travel Zoo. I find most of my flights this way. Seat sales are often announced & if you pay attention you can get better deals this way.
  5. Canadian Affair is a website for travel between Canada and the UK. I check there first and then call Sarah at Flight Centre to book the flights I see that are cheaper than most.
Have I missed anything here? Please share your travel tips below!

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  1. Icelandair is cheap! And you can enjoy an extended layover in someplace like Iceland or Denmark on your way over. That's what I'm doing! September 5-8 in Iceland. Anyone wanna join me?


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