Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tube Strike Affects Teachers in London - Will They Make it to School?

Ah, the tube.  You might call it the metro, the underground or the subway, but Londoners call it the tube.  

A possible tube strike is being planned for Tuesday, June 9th (today) until Thursday, June 11th. So how do teachers get to school?

They bus, bike, walk, cab, take their scooters, or simply call in "tube strike sick."  Luckily for Classroom Canada, the vast majority of our teachers work in long term positions so most know how to get to their schools using the buses or their bikes.  Supply teachers are more affected, as the timing of their arrival to school is very important.  If you get a call at 7am, you best make it to the school by 8:30, strike or no strike.  

Here's a popular song on You Tube that was created a few years back during another tube strike.   Be forewarned, there is a lot of swearing, and really it's not politically correct, nor very nice.  But it is very funny and really depicts how many Londoners affected by a tube strike feel, although they might not say so.

Below are a couple of videos about the tube and have nothing to do the strike.  Just to amuse you.

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