Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Reason #54 to Teach in England: Royal Ascot

To carry on from my post called 52 Reasons to Teach in London, England, and yesterday's 53rd reason, here is Reason #54 to teach in England - Royal Ascot.

Here's the back story:

At last year's Classroom Canada Scavenger Hunt, Top Deck Travel gave our winning team 250 pounds worth of travel vouchers to use towards one of their trips. The group of 4-5 teachers decided to use their vouchers to go to Royal Ascot, an annual event that dates back to 1711.

They've promised us photos so we can see for ourselves what it's really like to attend the horse races as Canadian teachers. Watch this space!

I really hope that they attended on ladies day, the day where ladies wear hats and fancy dresses, something I just can't wrap my little Canadian head around. Where do they get these funny hats? How do they decide which one to wear? How big is too big? How many feathers? Why do British women love their hats so much?

I did a bit of research to help me in writing this blog post, and the funny thing is that when I searched for videos about Royal Ascot, two came up first. The top 2 videos on You Tube about Royal Ascot horse racing have nothing to do with horses.

One was a video to show men how to dress at Ascot, and the other a video to show the ladies' outfits in 2008. So, I think I've discovered the real reason people go to this event every year - the fashion.

Have you ever been? And if so, what's it like? Do tell all!

If you've never been, would you want to go? What kind of hat would you wear if you're a "lady"? If you're a "gentleman" what would you put on?

Here are the videos I mentioned:


  1. There's no such thing as "too big" when it comes to hats!!
    This reminds me of when Morgan and I went to the Goodwood Revival (by Portsmouth) when we were in England two years ago. It's an annual British Sports Car race, but what makes it special is that everyone dresses up in fashion from the 1920s-60s (the cars are also from the 20s-60s). It's awesome!

  2. Interesting! I'd never heard of that event. More to research and write about! Thanks Amie!

    I rec'd the photos for tomorrow's blog post & those hats are fabulous. What a funny tradition, and now I can see why our teachers love it so much!

    Watch this space,


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