Monday, June 1, 2009

Keeping it Calm & Thriving in the Last 6 Weeks of the UK School Year

And so it begins. Today we kicked off the final 6 weeks of the 2008/2009 academic school year in the UK. Schools are in a panic. They need teaching staff for September. Teachers are in a panic. They want to know what (if any) jobs they will be offered. We're all running around trying to keep it together.

For those of us that work in the recruitment side of things, we have to just keep calm, tick all the boxes, follow through on everything we say we'll do and get on with it. We put in 10-14 hour days, even though every morning we tell ourselves that today will be the day we leave work on time.

Some of our teachers are teaching in Canada and preparing for teaching in the UK in the autumn. They're trying to focus on getting all their report cards done while counting down the days to moving to London.

Some of our teachers are in London, having just returned from the last half-term break of the year. They were in Croatia, Portugal, Barcelona, Paris, Germany, Ireland, Edinburgh, Brighton, and of course, all over London.

Now, they're back in class for the final push of the year, finishing projects with their students, going to job interviews at other schools, making plans to stay at their current schools and making new friends with our new arrivals. A few are returning to Canada this summer, and doing the countdown to Canada while saying their good-byes to their friends made in London.

6 weeks. 35 school days. And then summer starts for us all. Here we go!

What are you doing about it? Counting down to summer? Counting down to the UK? Or counting down to your return to Canada? Or not counting down at all?

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