Thursday, June 4, 2009

Carnival of Education

Bloggers often participate in carnivals, where one blogger hosts the event and other bloggers with like minds & interests share their favourite posts.    We're participating now as well.  It's an exciting time!  I love this kind of thing - sharing, laughing, writing, reading - all with a similar subject matter.  In our case, teaching.

This week, Learn Me Good is the place to be for the 226th Edition of the Carnival of Education and what a party it is.  The host, John Pearson, has an incredibly funny writing style and he's organized our entries into a summer blockbuster theme.  His blog is quickly becoming my favourite blog to read when I need a good ol' laugh about teaching.

He's also just published a book, Learn Me Good, about being a first year elementary school teacher and the reviews on Amazon are amazing.  You can read a few chapters for free here.  It's on my list of books to buy for summer reading.

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