Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Canadian Teachers & Royal Ascot

As promised, our teachers have sent photos from their day at Royal Ascot this past weekend. It was worth the wait!

I take a lot of pride in how our teachers meet & become great friends through Classroom Canada. Daniela, Alex and Erika are a classic example of our community of Canadian & American teachers in London. Daniela went to OISE (U of T), Alex went to Queen's and Erika went to UBC. They all met in London at our Classroom Canada London Scavenger Hunt last year and managed to win 250 pounds worth of travel vouchers from Topdeck Travel. They also became great friends.

Alex sent me this email to explain their day at Royal Ascot with Topdeck:

"We had a great day out with Topdeck! Those Aussie's sure know how to party. We left south west London around 9am and arrived at Ascot at 10am. Everyone piled out of the buses and magically produced picnic blankets and baskets (seriously, I did not see one person carrying anything larger than a clutch when boarding the bus).

Anyway, the carpark quickly filled with coaches from all over the place. Everyone was sprawled out across the lawn, sipping morning champagne and looking fabulous. It honestly was the poshest tailgate party I have ever attended! The British sure know how pre-party!

We lunched and drank for a few hours before heading off to see the Queen, which was AMAZING. Daniella was particularly excited. We snapped some photos from the Silver Ring and then headed off to make some bets.

I know nothing about gambling and decided that I would only place one bet for the hell of it. I couldn't return from Ascot to tell people that I hadn't done any betting, could I?!

I picked my horse based solely on it's name... which has to be a girl thing. Anyway, my horse won it's race unexpectedly. The odds were 20 to 1 (which I later discovered). I had bet 2 pounds each way and walked away with 90 pounds! YES for random gambling luck!

The rest of our afternoon was spent watching the races, sipping fruit filled Pim's (I LOVE PIMS!), commenting on hats and general attire. It was a seriously fabulous day!

Hope you like the photos! Let me know if you want any more details!

Here are more photos from their day out.

The Queen is in the back of the carriage above. See the spot of blue on the right?

Well ladies, that's how to dress at Royal Ascot. Great hats, gorgeous dresses, with champagne in hand. Thanks to Alex, Daniela and Erika for letting me share their photos & story with you all.

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