Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Andrew Vincent - Canadian Music for Teaching Abroad

I am writing letters to my teachers in London for Canada Day and to celebrate the end of the upcoming academic school year.  I find myself feeling all teary & sentimental about these incredible teachers from coast to coast and the experience they're having. 

It got me to thinking about my Canada Days in London and how Canadian music suddenly becomes very important to me on that one day.  I sing loudly & proudly with all the other Canadians in London.  

Don't get me wrong, I'm not super patriotic listening to Bryan Adams & Celine Deon on full-blast or anything.  I don't even do much while I'm in Canada for July 1st.

But when teaching abroad, something happens to Canadians that makes us just a little bit OTT (Over The Top as they say in England).  Suddenly we all love Keith's  or Sleeman's if we can get it, we sing every word to the Traveling Hip, Spirit of the West, Alanis Morisette, Great Big Sea and of course Oh Canada.  

My favourite-all-time-memory of Canada Day in London was in the Maple Leaf Club, the only Canadian pub in London, and a regular party place for Canadians on July 1st. I brought my Aussie & Kiwi friends, since I was only one of 2 Canadian teachers with my previous agency.   

My Aussie friend, Dani, was a bit self-conscious being in a pub full of Canadians on such a patriotic day.  

This one guy from Saskatchewan kept shouting out "Hey, is anyone else here from Saskatchewan?! Come on people! Anyone?"  

Dani was horrified that he'd come up and ask her the same question.  Which, of course, he did.  

To which, she replied, "Saskatche-what?"

I was giggling away.  I'll never forget it.  Ah, Canadians.  We are a truly bizarre bunch.

Anyway, this brings me to Andrew Vincent.  My new discovery in the Canadian music scene.  His song "Canadian Dream" reminds me of being a fresh graduate from teacher's college and in London far away from "home."  It's a song about being in university and traveling across Canada.  

Listen to it.  Just click on this link.   Let me know if you find yourself feeling a little bit nostalgic as well.   Is there any other Canadian music that you listen to while abroad?

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