Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Jobs for Teachers: What Kinds of Jobs Are There for Teaching in the UK?

How many jobs are there for teachers in London, England? Well, today, there are 1315 classroom teacher jobs listed online. Many of these jobs start September 1st, and some are to finish off this current academic year.

You can see the teacher jobs listed here.

There are a few things you need to know before applying to specific jobs:
  1. If you are still in Canada (or anywhere else for that matter), schools are highly unlikely to read your resume. They use agencies (like us) when they want to hire teachers from abroad, and use the TES when they want to hire teachers they can meet in person.
  2. If you were to be hired directly by a school, they will pay you less than if you go through an agency, at least until you have your QTS. You won't have your QTS in your first year of teaching, and don't really need to worry about getting it unless you plan to stay more than 4 years. To read more about QTS and agencies, please read this detailed post.
  3. Agencies use these same ads on the TES to "hook" you. That doesn't mean the school has actually contacted the agency and asked for help with hiring a teacher! This is VERY important. All it means is that there is a job available. The agency wants you to think that it's a real job that they need to fill, and you then apply to said agency in hopes of securing that specific job. They're not dumb! They know that they will get more teachers if they appear to have more jobs. Real jobs get filled very quickly! If the agency is any good, they get the job from the school, already have a great group of teachers to put forward that are there in London, arrange the interviews for the next day and ta-da! One of their teachers gets the job before they even have time to advertise. That's how we do it anyway. So if you see an ad for a teaching job that's been up for more than a few days, I'd be very sceptical that the job is a real job, and not just "borrowed" from the TES listings. Of course, there are exceptions. Science jobs are very hard to fill, so the ads for science teacher positions will stay up a long time before they are actually filled.
  4. When we have specific jobs for our schools, we give them to our teachers who are in London already. It is very rare for us to advertise in Canada for these specific jobs because we know our schools want to see people immediately. Having said that though, I do have a teacher in Ontario who has an interview on the phone this week with one of our schools. He is an experienced teacher and the job is perfect for him, so that does happen as well. What's the job? He is a PE teacher for primary school students, with 2 years experience doing that specific job. The job is exactly that - a PE job for a primary teacher. I have no doubt that he will get the job, simply because his experience and references are outstanding. And that's why I love what I do!
  5. The most important thing to secure the teaching job that you want is to find an agency that you trust, has a good repuatation and you know will be able to find you the job. Simple right? It is. So, if you want to teach in London, then obviously I will say you should apply to Classroom Canada. And if you want to teach anywhere other than London, keep reading this blog & do your research and find a company that fits the criteria for you.
I hope this helps you understand more about the jobs for teachers in London. I know it's overwhelming, but that's why I do the job I do - to make it easier for teachers like you.

Questions? Comments? Thoughts? Please share below.

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