Thursday, May 28, 2009

200 Resources Continued: 10 Blogs About Teaching in London

Here are my favourite Blogs About Teaching in London, or Teaching in the UK in general and in no particular order:
  1. To Miss With Love - Miss Snuffy describes herself as "a black teacher in inner-city London and here are some of my stories... I love my job and I love these kids. But boy, do I sometimes wonder why..." I love this blog. She's sassy, speaks her mind, stirs the pot with frank & honest accounts of teaching in London. You might not agree with everything she says, but at least she says what she really thinks.
  2. Classroom Canada Teachers Blog - This is a new blog, for the Classroom Canada teachers in London to blog together about their experiences. Many of our teachers have blogs and now they can blog together to make it a bit easier to post regularly & often.
  3. Urban School Teacher Blog - Mr. Teacher is a British teacher sharing his stories about working in an inner city school. It's a great read.
  4. Across the Pond - Jodi is one of our teachers heading over to London in September, and Tyson will be a Teaching Assistant with us. He's going to teachers college the next year. These two are sharing their stories about all the things they are doing to get ready to teach in the UK. They write often and have an easy to read style that I really enjoy.
  5. Heather in the U.K. - another Classroom Canada teacher, Heather has a writing style that I really enjoy. She only posts about 3 times a month, but her posts are thoughtful, well written and very informative.
  6. School Gate - Sarah Ebner writes this very informative blog about education issues in the UK. Parents, students, teachers and administrators alike enjoy this blog. It's great! You'll learn heaps about teaching in the UK by following along.
  7. Learning is Delightful & Delicious - ..."as by the way am I" - what a great title! Love it.
  8. An American Teacher in London - Alicia is an American teacher who was brought over by another agency that hasn't really supported her all that well.. She's had a pretty rough experience and tells her story through the blog. She's also had some pretty great experiences with her travels.
  9. Frank Chalk - another British teacher writing about what it's really like to teach in a secondary school in the UK. More political than most, it's a good read to get to know the issues surrounding teaching in the UK.
  10. This blog of course!
Do you know of any others? Please share below!

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