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120 of the Best Resources to Prepare to Teach in London, England

Here are my 120 favourite resources to help Canadian (and any other foreign) teachers prepare to teach in London, England:
*please note: I've updated this post for our new readers. The original was published in 2009.

  1. Youth Mobility Scheme (formally known as the Working Holiday Maker Visa) is for Canadians under the age of 31. This visa allows you to work in the UK for 2 years.
  2. UK Ancestry Visa is for Canadians with parents or grandparents who were born in the UK. This visa allows you to work in the UK for 5 years.
  3. Highly Skilled Migrant Visa is for everyone who doesn't fit into the top 2 categories and is considerably harder to get. Check to see if you qualify by going to the site.
  4. EU passport - if you have an EU passport then you shouldn't need a visa.
  5. Canuck Abroad - UK Visas and Immigration Discussion Forum - ask for advice and share your own.
  1. How to Find an Apartment in London
  2. A Canadian Teacher Does Research on Areas of London
  3. HostelBookers - hands down, the best online place to book hostels anywhere in Europe
  4. Gumtree - Do not, I repeat, DO NOT send any money to anyone to reserve an apartment through a gumtree listing. There are plenty of professional scam artists on there who say they have apartments, take your deposit and you never see it again. One of my teachers lost $1300 by doing exactly that. But, still look at the site to see what is available.
  5. Moving2London - 2 Aussies write about moving to London, England.
  6. MovingtoLondon - TNT magazine is a paper magazine in London for Aussies, Kiwis and South Africans (no, they don't really include us Canadians or Americans! Not sure why not...). This website is their primer on moving to London and where to live.
  7. Where to Live in London - brief explanations about the areas of London
  8. UK Easy Roommate - You can find a flatmate through this site. I've never used it though so can't say if it works well or not.
  9. Spareroom - Again, just like #8.
  10. Chard - There are literally hundreds of letting agents that will help you find an apartment, but I only recommend Chard because I used them to find my amazing little flat in Notting Hill for 100 pounds/week. They are young, hip and in great areas of London so you can't really go wrong.
Bank Accounts & Money
  1. How to Open a UK Bank Account
  2. Insert "Catchy Title About London & Money" here - one of our teachers tells it like it is.
  3. XE Currency - check the exchange rate here
  4. My Key - register with Key to pay less in taxes, and claim back some of your expenses (flight, rent, travel etc).
  5. Canuck Abroad - online discussion about opening UK bank account
  6. Cost of Living in London
  7. Cost of Living in London & the UK
  8. How Much Do Things Cost in London? An award winning junior school explains the costs of living in London.
  9. More about how much things cost in London
  10. Ryan Air - okay, this is an airline and really doesn't fit in with this section, but after 9 posts about money I wanted to show you how ridiculously cheap it is to fly within Europe. Go on, check it out. I bet you can find a flight a penny.
  1. Cheap Flights to London, England
  2. Air Canada - most luggage and most pricey way to get to London.
  3. Air Transat - least luggage but cheap.
  4. Flight Centre - travel agents, well known, good but watch the adverts as they tend to mislead.
  5. Travel Cuts - known for student travel, but ask them if they have any teacher discounts. I love these guys and tend to book through them even though I haven't been a student in over 5 years.
  6. Canadian Affair - specialists in booking flights between the UK and Canada.
  7. Ryan Air - Cheap flights within Europe. You get what you pay for though! Kind of like taking the greyhound bus rather than Via rail. But you can't complain when you get a flight for a penny (I am the queen of the penny flights!).
  8. British Airways - expensive but good. Lots of luggage room.
  9. Easy Jet - Ryan Air's competition.
  10. Kayak - good for comparing flights, particularly from the states. If you live near the border with the US, it is better to fly from America to England to save money.
Resources for the Classroom
  1. TES - the Times Educational Supplement online forum for educators to share resources.
  2. Sites for Teachers
  3. Canteach - Canadian teaching resources
  4. BBC for Teachers
  5. TeacherNet - free teaching resources for the UK
  6. Lesson Plans - more resources for any classroom
  7. Staples - online store for buying resources (don't buy too much! You won't need it in London)
  8. Scholars Choice Teachers Store - same as above, don't buy too much stuff!
  9. Free Stuff for Canadian Teachers
  10. Smile Makers Canada - this is where I get cheap Canadian stickers and maps for my teaching.
Primary Supply Teaching
  1. How to Survive Supply Teaching in London
  2. TES online resource sharing for Primary Teaching
  3. Primary Supply Teachers - practical tips video
  4. Primary Supply Teachers - covering the basics, video.
  5. TeacherNet - primary supply teaching & how to be successful.
  6. A Simple Guide to Supply Teaching
  7. How to Survive Your First Week as a Supply Teacher - good tips from a fellow blogging teacher.
  8. TES Supply Teaching Survival Guide
  9. Tips from the Behaviour Advisor
  10. Guide to Teaching in London: A Survival Guide for Canadians - by Victoria Westcott (that's me!)
Secondary Supply Teaching
  1. TES - Supply Teachers Survival Guide
  2. Tips from the Behaviour Advisor
  3. Behaviour Management & Secondary School Teaching
  4. TES - resources section, for every subject
  5. Secondary Supply Teaching Video - Running for Cover
  6. Secondary Supply Teaching Video - A Day in the Life
  7. Teacher Net - videos re supply teaching in secondary schools
  8. Guide to Teaching in London: A Survival Guide for Canadians - by Victoria Westcott (that's me!)
  9. What Makes a Good Supply Teacher? - former Head Teacher shares his advice.
  10. Diary of a School Supply Teacher - from the BBC in 2004.
IWB (aka Interactive Whiteboards, aka Smart Boards)
  1. Teaching with Interactive Whiteboards (Aka Smart Boards)
  2. Smart Board Lessons Podcast - facebook group about using smart boards
  3. Stumble Upon, Interactive White Boards & You Tube: How to use technology in the classroom
  4. Mind Maps & Interactive White Boards
  5. Online Resource Sharing for IWBs
  6. MA research into IWBs - online forum
  7. Primary ICT - Creating a Whiteboard Lesson video
  8. Primary ICT - top tips for teachers
  9. Primary ICT - advanced whiteboard tips
  10. ICT for the Non-Specialist
  1. Teaching in the UK: Assessment for Learning Explained
  2. Teachers TV: Videos about Assessment for Learning
  3. Beyond the Black Box - information about assessment in the UK, dense but good.
  4. TES online forum about assessment in the UK
  5. Teachers Banned from Using Red Ink - a funny blog post about this issue.
  6. BC government explains AFL
  7. AFL by Anne Davies - good, clean website about using AFL
  8. Classroom Assessment for Student Learning - textbook, expensive but good for the person who prefers books over reading online.
  9. Assessment for Learning: Putting it into Practice - again, textbook.
  10. An Introduction to Student Involved AFL - textbook.
Canadiana in London
  1. Canada Shop - in Covent Garden. They support our Classroom Canada Scavenger Hunt so please do visit them & buy your KD and PB there!
  2. Network Canada - a business & social group for Canadians in London.
  3. Classroom Canada on facebook.
  4. Classroom Canada - recruitment company for Canadian teachers with jobs in London, England (that's us!)
  5. Maple Leaf Pub - in Covent Garden, our one and only Canadian pub in London, owned by a Londoner and really, not as good as it was 10-20 years ago. But hey, they show hockey and have poutine.
  6. Canuck Abroad - Canadians in the UK online forum
  7. Canada House - Canadian High Commission in London
  8. Where to get Tim Horton's in London
  9. Living in London: A Survival Guide for Canadians - essential reading! Written by Network Canada.
  10. Guide to Teaching in London: A Survival Guide for Canadians
Online resources – for the technically inclined
  1. Delicious - the place to store all your bookmarks online so you can find your favourite sites from any computer and share with others. This means you can leave your paper at home!
  2. Squidoo - check out our squidoo page where we share resources.
  3. Stumble Upon - a great way to surf the web with specific key words
  4. Facebook - the best way to keep in touch with your family & friends and brag about all your travels.
  5. Twitter - follow teachers as they tweet about teaching in London. Create your own twitter page & share your thoughts & resources.
Behaviour Management
  1. Behaviour Management in London Schools
  2. Behaviour Management in London Schools Part 2
  3. Behaviour Management: What Secondary School Teachers Can Learn from Primary Teachers
  4. Behaviour Management Advice from 1947, video.
  5. How will you get the meanest, nastiest kid in your class to listen to you?
  6. Music in the Classroom
  7. Teachers TV - 118 videos on behaviour management in UK schools.
  8. TES - online forum about behaviour in UK schools.
  9. Behaviour Advisor - old school web design but if you can get past that, the site is really good.
  10. Assertive Discipline: Positive Behaviour Management in Today's Classroom - great book.

 10 Books Teachers Should Read Before Moving to the UK

  1. Guide to Teaching in London: A Survival Guide for Canadians by Victoria Westcott (that's me!) 110 page ebook filled with everything you could possibly want to know about teaching in London, England.
  2. Living in London: A Survival Guide for Canadians by Network Canada My book (#1) is about teaching in London as a Canadian, and this book is about moving to London as a Canadian. Combined, they are the 2 most important books you will read before you depart for teaching in the UK, and specifically for London.
  3. Time Out London I just picked up a cheap copy from Costco and highly recommend it. The Time Out is a weekly magazine that Londoners read to keep their social calendars filled. It's a valuable resource to say the least! The Time Out guide books are very good, geared towards a young & professional crowd and light enough to carry in your purse or bag.
  4. Frommer's London Day by Day This was another good Costco find. Cheap ($7.99), light and with a good pull out map. Well worth the money.
  5. Any book by Lee & Marlene Canter - the Canters write books about Assertive Discipline, a behaviour management approach that is becoming more & more popular in London schools.
  6. Any book by Nick Hornby - Nick Hornby is a London fiction writer and wrote Fever Pitch, High Fidelity, About a Boy, A Long Way Down, How to be Good, and more. He tends to be enjoyed by men & women alike, and I've lived in one of the neighbourhoods he describes in A Long Way Down. It's great to read novels set in London!
  7. A Small Island by Andrea Levi - What a great read! If you want to know more about Jamaican-Londoners and enjoy novels, this one is the perfect book for you. I loved it, and can't recommend it enough.
  8. Notes from a Small Island by Bill Bryson An easy, light, comical read.
  9. Confessions of a Shopoholic by Sophie Kinsella. It's set in London. It makes the list because everyone needs a good light read every once in a while. Bridget Jones Diary is another good light read based in London of course. Now, before the male teachers think I'm just being silly, keep in mind that Nick Hornby is the male equivalent here. ;-)
  10. The Guardian Book Club - not one book, but many. You can follow along and read one book a month, and listen to the podcasts as well. When you are actually living in London, you can join the bookclub and get invited to meet the authors and participate in discussions. With wine ta'boot! I met Margaret Atwood and Zadie Smith. Very cool!
Do you know of any others? Please share below! Also, please let me know if any of these links are broken. Thanks!



    It's all estate agent properties, so you won't find any private lets here, but it minimizes the sometimes sketch factor of Gumtree ( which is mostly agency as well). It's nicely laid out and has lots of pictures of the properties. It's where we found our new place!

  2. Victoria,

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! As always I love, love, love reading your blog and your Survival guide, but this post is really brilliant. I refer to it continously! I will be well prepared by my agency, but there's something so very Canadian about having to "look into" everything you going to be getting into. I also very much enjoy researching.

    I've been going to all the sites you've reccomended, and I must say I love If you have never seen this video, I think you might like it. I thought it was very good...about preparing for your supply day:

    Thanks again Victoria,


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