Thursday, April 23, 2009

Teachers TV: Videos about Assessment for Learning

I've written before about Assessment for Learning in the UK and how important it is that Canadian and American teachers planning to move to London do their research on AFL and how to use it in practice.

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I've also written quite a bit about how much I recommend Teachers TV for teachers who want to know what it's really like to teach in London.

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I watched some Teachers TV this morning and thought you might like to watch these videos. I searched for Assessment for Learning and found that they have 21 videos online to view. Most of the videos are only 15 minutes, and you can search for your specialist teaching area like primary, science, history, SEN, and so on.

With my Macbook, my battery overheats when I watch the videos, so if you have a computer that is a bit moody like mine, then try lifting it off the desk and propping it up on a couple of books to let the battery cool while you watch.

I also noticed that some of the videos won't stream for me in Canada now. I tried to watch a video about racism and football (aka soccer) but got a message that says:

"We have detected that you are accessing this website from outside the United Kingdom.

Unfortunately, rights have not been granted for international streaming and downloading of this programme."

How disappointing! I would love to be able to post Teachers TV videos here on this blog and even contacted them about this idea but because of international laws, they said I can't post their videos here. So, watch the videos that you can. I really hope the message above won't show up for all the videos. Since I was able to watch the AFL videos today, I hope you can as well.

Watching these videos is by far the best way to prepare for teaching in the United Kingdom.

But what do you think? Do you agree with me? Have you seen any that you would recommend over others? And have you received the same error message for any of the other videos? Please share your thoughts below.

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