Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Teacher Stress: Are There Jobs for Teachers?

And so it begins again. Teachers are graduating from teacher's colleges across Canada and they're worried. They have one week left to go, some of their friends have jobs but most of them don't. Are there any teacher jobs out there?!

Yes. There are. Should you stress about finding a teacher job for you? No. Stress won't help you here. Solid research, determination, professionalism and a total commitment to finding the right job for you are the areas you should focus on. Worrying won't help, and only gives you an air of desperation.

It's only Wednesday, and I've already had 3 emails this week that sound something like this:
"Hi Victoria. I heard about you and that you have jobs for teachers in London. There are no jobs in ________ and I'm really worried. Can you tell me more about your jobs?"
Sometimes these emails include capital letters, but they often don't. Just "i want a job." They don't bother to attach their resume or cover letter.

I know I sound cheeky, but please please please put yourself in my shoes, or at least put yourself in the shoes of recruiters in education in general. Would you hire you right now?

I love our teachers. I really do. Classroom Canada teachers are amazing, resourceful, intelligent, dedicated and determined. That's why they work with us! They seek us out because they want more than just a teacher job. They want the job, and the full package of accommodations with other teachers, a support network they can rely on and a sense that we know them as individual people. Not just as numbers in a crowd.

When I get an email from someone who clearly hasn't done any research and is just freaking out that they won't get a job, it makes me feel as though I am just a number in their crowd of recruiters. You see, it goes both ways. But what do you think?

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  1. Are there jobs for teachers? In London and the surrounding areas? Hell yes! There are usually LOADS of jobs, assuming you know where and how to look. I imagine being too lazy to write a properly punctuated and grammatically correct e-mail with an updated cv and covering letter attached is not a good start.


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